Friday, November 13, 2009

OU-C celebrates grand opening of Parkway Project

Ohio University-Chillicothe celebrated the official opening of the Parkway Project during a ceremony on campus Thursday, Nov. 12. Local and university leaders joined in the event, which was part of OU-C Day and included a number of activities to celebrate the spirit of the Chillicothe Campus. The project provides a major transformation to the face of the Chillicothe Campus and includes a parkway, plaza and other renovations to support the campus’ learning environment. An amphitheater behind Stevenson Center that seats 50 to 100 people will add to the campus’ natural setting and will serve as a place for students and faculty to interact. “The Parkway Project is more than just a construction project or physical improvement,” OU-C Dean Richard Bebee said. “The magnitude of this endeavor goes far beyond its practical ramifications. Rather, this new look truly reflects the quality of the Ohio University-Chillicothe educational experience. OU-C now has more of the appearance of a small, quality college campus.” Kimberly Bowers, representing OU-C students, said, “I am proud to call the Chillicothe Campus my college home. As a student, the biggest transformation I notice is the increased amount of pride that I have in my college home. As we all realize, the way a campus looks is important, especially in making a good, first impression on visitors. This project captures the sense of optimism on campus.” Ohio University President Roderick J. McDavis said, “Ohio University-Chillicothe is obviously a campus that is moving forward. This Parkway Project supports the vibrant learning environment on campus and positions the Chillicothe Campus for continued success.” Chillicothe Mayor Joe Sulzer, a former OU-C student, said, “This project presents an opportunity for OU-C to demonstrate to the region and the entire state of Ohio how much this campus means to the region. OU-C educates students, who then become productive members of the region. Having a campus that is moving forward adds to the life of this region.” Mayor Sulzer presented Dean Bebee with a resolution to recognize the campus’ contributions to Chillicothe and the region. Ohio representatives Ray Pryor and Clyde Evans presented a commendation from the Ohio House of Representatives. The Unioto High School Band opened the festivities with a stirring performance, and the quartet 4-A-Lark sang the National Anthem. These renovations are part of OU-C’s 50 year campus plan to further improve the overall quality of life on campus and position the Chillicothe Campus for future success.The project includes enhancements to both of the main campus entrances. The Fifth Street entrance will include pedestrian walkways and will open to a plaza area in front of Bennett Hall. Brick concrete columns on University Drive will provide a more prominent entrance off of Route 50 (Western Boulevard). It also increases additional parking spaces, creating 486 total permanent spaces, compared to the 452 current spaces. Other activities during the day included: • Scholarship Breakfast at 8:30 a.m. for scholarship donors and recipients • Alan Gough Art Exhibit in Patricia Scott Gallery • Campus Tours • Rare Book Display in Stevenson Center Library

Students use time between classes to prepare for class and relax

We regularly talk with random OU-C students to get their views on campus life. This week’s topic concerns how they spend their time on campus between classes.
DJ Davis, a business management major from Hampton, Va., uses his spare time to pursue his many creative endeavors. “I write music. My specialty is rap music that has a positive influence,” he said. “I also play basketball and sometimes practice my dancing,” said Davis, who also choreographs dance moves.
Cheyenne Penn, a nursing student from Washington Court House, uses much of her spare time for schoolwork. “I study either between classes or after my kids go to bed. I also hang out in either the library or the Learning Commons.”
Stephen Flautt, Dallas Hettinger and Zach Schumacher are former classmates from Unioto High School who decided to attend OU-C. “I hang out in the Learning Commons, work on my homework and get something to eat,” said Flautt, “Otherwise, I play on-line games.”
“I hang out with my friends. I also catch up on studying and check my e-mail to follow up with my professors,” said Hettinger, who is majoring in environmental science.
“I mainly try to catch up with my homework, socialize and have something to eat,” said Schumacher, a psychology major. “There are a lot of times when I do research.”
Heather Sanders, a Seniors to Sophomores student from Unioto High, said, “I usually come to the Learning Commons and finish my homework. Some days, I might go back to my high school.”
For Maggie Loel, it’s all about the java. “I have to get my cup of coffee. I also take time to do research for class and my own pleasure. I am kind of a knowledge nerd. Sometimes I go to class early.” Loel, a chemistry major from Adena High School, is on the educational fast track, having completed her high school career in three years.
Sean Massie and Trevor Arthur, a pair of Seniors to Sophomores students from Wellston who are getting a head start on their college careers, use their spare time wisely for both food for thought and food for nutrition. “I usually go to Burger King and work on my homework. Since we have a long drive, we spend our day on campus, and it work out well,” Massie said.
“I make sure I am ready for quizzes. With a full schedule, I only have an hour-long break for lunch,” Arthur said.

Campus tennis courts receive facelift

Members of the OU-C and local community who have used the campus’ tennis courts for years are enjoying renovated tennis courts this spring. OU-C’s six courts recently received a facelift and were recently repainted and renovated. The courts are now painted in official U.S. Open colors with a blue hue. Ellen Clark, OU-C tennis coach and manager of the Hilltop CafĂ©, said that the courts provide an outstanding resource for tennis players of all levels of competition, from those playing for recreational purposes to competitive high school and college teams. The courts serve as the home surface for the OU-C tennis team, which was revived last spring after an absence of approximately 20 years, and for the Chillicothe and Unioto high school teams. The high school girls’ teams recently completed their fall seasons while the boys play in the spring. “The courts serve as a great recreational resource for individuals on campus and throughout the community,” Clark said. “We are particularly happy to have the local high school teams use our courts. It seems appropriate to partner with the local teams. Plus, we are always pleased to have the opportunity to showcase our campus and facilities to high school students from the region and their parents.” Four current OU-C tennis players are from the local high schools, including Unioto graduates Jessica Metcalf and Isaac Cade, who won the Ohio Regional Campus Conference men’s and women’s singles titles last spring. Overall, OU-C’s women’s team finished second in the conference and the men placed third.

Upcoming Campus Events

  • Fall theater production of Fall Collection at 8 p.m. on Nov. 20 and Nov. 21 in Bennett Hall auditorium
  • Alan Gough art show through Dec. 4 in Bennett Hall Patricia Scott Memorial Gallery
  • Ross County EITC Coalition/United Way training from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on Dec. 16-17 in Bennett Hall room 271
  • OU-C Faculty/Start Arts, Crafts and Hobbies Show from Jan. 4 – Jan. 26, 2010, in Bennett Hall art gallery