Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Dean encourages campus to continue student-focused approach in moving forward

The setting itself provided a valuable backdrop for what makes the Chillicothe Campus such a unique learning environment during the campus’ spring quarter convocation Wednesday, April 7.
“The Learning Commons – as much as any facility on any campus in the state – represents what can happen when you truly take a student-focused approach in your actions and not just your words,” OU-C Dean Richard Bebee said in addressing the campus community. “Remember a few years ago when this was largely unused space except for some vending machines. Now, look around and what do you see? This is a student center that rivals any campus in the state, commuter or residential.”
Wednesday’s event was the last quarterly session for Dean Bebee, who is transitioning into other roles with the university July 1. The dean’s perspective included both a retrospective look at his time on campus and a view of OU-C’s promising future.
“The last nine years have been a great ride,” he said. “When I first came here, I saw a campus with a strong tradition and limitless potential. As I begin my last academic quarter as dean, I continue to see a campus with a strong tradition and limitless potential. This is a campus on the move, and I am convinced that OU-C is positioned for its finest hour.”
Enrollment continues to be positive. Preliminary figures for winter quarter indicated headcount of 2,127 students and full-time equivalency (FTE) of 1,776 students. This represents a 13 percent growth in terms of headcount and 15 percent increase in FTE numbers. Preliminary estimates for spring quarter indicate continued strong numbers.
“As I have said before, the real significance of what we do is not measured in enrollment numbers, but rather in the ability to utilize higher education to improve the quality of life for regional residents,” Bebee said.
As transformational advances such as the Parkway Project, which greatly enhances the entry to campus, illustrate change is a constant theme at OU-C. However, as Dean Bebee pointed out, OU-C is founded on standards that remain intact.
“OU-C’s core values remain intact. Since its founding as the first regional campus in the state, the focus of the Chillicothe Campus has been on serving our students and serving our region.” “These are banner days. Let’s seize the moment. Or, as I often say, let’s have fun,” he closed by saying.

Students use social media to stay in touch with friends and have varied sources for news

We regularly speak with OU-C students to get their perspective on topics relevant to campus. This time, we asked them about their use of social media Web sites and how they get their news. “I use Facebook every day and check it to see what others have to say. It can be fun. I got to Yahoo mainly for my news,” said Andrea Phouthavong, a human services technology major from Vinton County High School. “I tweet, mainly for the gossip and the drama,” said Monica Chesser of her Twitter habits. “I follow entertainment posts. It is interesting; that’s for sure.” Chesser, a fellow Vinton County graduate, is a human services technology major. “I do not use social media.. I have a MySpace page, but I have not updated it for a long time. I am too busy for it,” said Amber Meikheim, an early childhood education major from Huntington High School. “For information, I watch the news on TV.” “I use Facebook most, just about every other day. I us it to stay connected with my friends. I get most of my news from TV,” said Joanna Renault of Zane Trace, who is undecided about her academic major. “I use Facebook every day, mainly to see if anybody is trying to reach me. I very rarely write on my wall,” said Jeremy Little, a nursing student from Piketon High School who stays connected with fellow car fans on GTO Forum. “I do not use Facebook but use online services for campus like Blackboard or Webmail. I get most of my news on TV from CNN,” said Tara Woltz, a Vinton County High School graduate who is pursuing a bachelor’s degree in specialized studies. “I use Facebook every day to keep up with my friends. I like to keep current about people. As for news and information, I go to CNN online and watch the local news in Columbus,” said Cara Zimmerman, a nursing student from Grove City. “I have Facebook sent to my phone for updates. I do not post very often but use it to keep in touch with friends who are not close by. For news, I listen to the radio and watch the nightly news,” said Galion High School graduate Keely Zeisler, who is majoring in nursing. “I don’t use social media but get most of my information from the radio,” said Cory Love, a nursing student from Grove City. “I use Facebook regularly to communicate with friends. I like it because you can talk with anyone around the world. I get most of my news from MSNBC,” said Zac Bowling, a nursing student from Huntington High School. Feel free to join in the conversation by adding your comments to the story.

Facebook page fosters student engagement

You can now connect with OU-C through the campus’ new Facebook page. The page is designed mainly for current and prospective students but offers important insights for anyone with an interest in the Chillicothe Campus. Find us on Facebook by searching for OU-Chillicothe. “This is part of an effort to use social media to connect with both current and future students on their terms,” Director of Student Services John Fisher said. “We look for this to be an especially student-focused and student-driven initiative that extends the same sense of community that exists on campus to the social media domain. Also, to provide insights from the most valuable source, we also look for current students to be able to share their perspectives with those who are considering making OU-C their college home.” The use of social media in the campus’ communication mix allows OU-C to share messages and information in a cohesive manner with various stakeholder groups on their terms and in a manner that best fits their needs. Updated information about campus can be found on the campus news blog at, on YouTube by entering ‘OU-Chillicothe’ in the search bar, and Dean Richard Bebee shares his insights at

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Annual OU-C event celebrates poetry

Fans of literature will have much to chew on, literally and figuratively, during Ohio University-Chillicothe’s Poetry and Picnic Day from 11:30 a.m. to 1:30 p.m. on April 22 in the Stevenson Center Learning Commons. This year’s annual event has been expanded beyond the reading of poetry to include a picnic-style lunch. Area individuals are invited to attend and listen to others present readings or to read their own favorite works. The event is free and open to the public.
Featured artists Rick Barnes and John K. Victor will perform, with Barnes reading poetry while Victor creates a painting before the two deliver a musical performance. OU-C English faculty member Jan Schmittauer will serve as moderator for the event. Interpreting will be provided for D/deaf members of the audience. “This annual event offers an opportunity for members of the campus and local community to join together and share the enjoyment of poetry,” OU-C Head Librarian Allan Pollchik said. “It is designed as a casual event that should appeal to individuals of a range of literary interests.”
Cutline: Last spring's event combined music and literature. This year's festivities will continue that verse.

Regional early childhood educators meet on campus

Nearly 30 area educators recently gathered on campus for the Early Childhood Personnel Quarterly meeting. The event included an individual from the Ohio Department of Education’s State Support Team Region 15, which serves 28 school districts and other organizations in Ross, Lawrence, Pike and Scioto counties. “These meetings are very valuable to the people out in the field who are doing the work to improve learning for all children,” Early Childhood Services Coordinator Lynn Counts said. “The purpose of these events is to provide technical assistance, promote professional development and to communicate the most current information from the Ohio Department of Education’s Office of Early Learning and School Readiness. They also help to inform the early childhood community of practices that are taking place in our region, and to promote laughter while allowing personnel to network with each other and learn from their peers.” The group meets four times a year. There are 16 State Support Teams statewide. The organization’s members are tied to the success of preparing students on the Chillicothe Campus for their professional pursuits as future educators. “Ohio University faculty members from the Chillicothe and Southern campuses have been included in Lynn's group for many years. As a result, our students have benefitted from the resources and information available as a result of the ECE State Support Team connection,” OU-C Associate Professor of Early Childhood Education Barbara Trube said. “Several individuals within the group are cooperating teachers for OU-C and OU-S teacher candidate’' clinical-field placements, and several other individuals are valued adjunct faculty at both campuses. As a Chillicothe Campus faculty member, I greatly value the network created through this group, and I applaud Lynn Counts for her commitment to our field.”

Two high school players plan to continue softball careers at OU-C

Two high-school players have indicated they intend to continue their softball careers at Ohio University-Chillicothe. Afton Smith, an infielder from Columbus’ Briggs High School, and Courtney Clever, a pitcher/outfielder from Zane Trace High School, plan to enroll at OU-C and join the Hilltoppers for the 2011 season, OU-C softball coach George Beck said. “Afton will add depth and stability to our corners on defense and we expect solid numbers from her on offense,” Beck said. “She’s has exhibited an impressive ability to hit to all parts of the field and possesses good bat control,” Beck said. “She maintains a positive attitude and has a great work ethic. Younger players look up to her for encouragement and support.” “We are also very excited to add a pitcher and player of Courtney’s caliber. Possessing great speed, Courtney is projected to be a leadoff hitter and also spend time in the outfield when she is not pitching. A four year varsity starter at Zane Trace, Courtney earned first team All-SVC and first team All-District honors in 2009 and was the team MVP in 2009. She plays summer travel ball for the Chillicothe Chill fast pitch softball team. During the 2009 high school season, she compiled an incredible .642 batting average including 12 extra base hits (2 HR, 3 triples and 7 doubles) and 14 stolen bases,” Beck said.

Upcoming Campus Events

• “Water & Wine Tasting” event at 5:30 p.m. on April 9 in Bennett Hall Patricia Scott Gallery • One-Person exhibits by OU-C painting students in Stevenson Center gallery through April 13 • Academic Council meetings at noon in Bennett Hall room 105 on April 20 and May 4 & 18 • Classified Group meetings at 9 a.m. on April 13 and May 4 • Administrative Council meetings at 9 a.m. in Bennett Hall room 105 on April 15 and May 6 • Recognition of Graduation event at 7:30 p.m. on June 11 in the Shoemaker Center; Nursing pinning ceremony at 2:30 p.m.

Monday, April 5, 2010

OU-C students enjoy great outdoors

The sunny weather and the campus' pedestrian plaza as well as other spots on campus made an ideal combination for students looking to take a break between classes.