Tuesday, August 10, 2010

A ‘classy’ move: Dean interacts with OU-C students

Dean Donna Burgraff and OU-C students discuss Appalachain culture.
Chillicothe Campus Dean Donna Burgraff recently interacted with students in the Race and Ethics Relations sociology class taught by faculty member Michelle Scott, Ph.D. The class was studying Appalachian culture and education, and Dean Burgraff shared her insights on the topic.

As a native of Appalachia who utilized education as a pathway to opportunity, Dean Burgraff had first-hand experience to share with the students. The dean emphasized the importance of individuals from Appalachia pursuing their ambitions while also embracing their heritage.

“It is the people who make this such a wonderful region. They know the importance of good friends and strong families, and those are qualities I have taken with me wherever I have gone. No matter how far I may have traveled from home, Appalachia is a part of me,” said Burgraff, who grew up in the Southern West Virginia and Eastern Kentucky area.

Students in the class discussed some of the stereotypes placed on Appalachian residents, the challenges that some individuals face in expanding their horizons and the virtues that are especially strong in Appalachia.

“I greatly enjoyed talking with OU-C students, sharing my experiences and learning from their insights. As I have often said, seeing students learn and succeed is one of the most fulfilling parts of my job and why I enjoy higher education,” Burgraff said. “I appreciate Dr. Scott giving me this opportunity.”

Her visit was valued by those in the class including the faculty member.

“After reading Dean Burgraff's letter to the campus upon her first day on the job, I realized that she would be someone who could share her story about her upbringing in Appalachia. We discuss in my SOC 329: Race and Ethnic Relations course Appalachian culture, including the apparent notion of (higher) education not being as valued as it is in other regions of the count ry. With Dr. Burgraff's educational experiences, I asked if she would be willing to share her thoughts on her academic journey in contrast to this notion. She obliged, and the students and I enjoyed her visit and presentation to the class,” Scott said.

“It excites me to find administrators who are willing to take the time to come to classes and share their expertise and experiences. The students and I are very appreciative and impressed by this. My students stated that it is nice to have a dean who is personable and willing to interact with them. Speaking with Dr. Burgraff after her class visit, she expressed how much she enjoyed her visit hoping to have more such opportunities. I will certainly be inclined for her to visit my class again.”

Monday, August 9, 2010

Chillicothe Campus is committed to community engagement

In a recent op-ed piece in the Chillicothe Gazette, OU-C Dean Donna Burgraff shared her expectations for the campus’ continuing engagement with the local community in a way that best serves the Chillicothe Campus’ students and this region, thereby fulfilling OU-C’s mission since being founded as the first regional campus in the state. As she noted, Dean Burgraff looks forward to working collaboratively with individuals across campus and in the community to reach common goals.

The story is available online at:


Annual planning session continues emphasis on strategic planning effort

The Chillicothe Campus will hold its annual strategic planning session on Aug. 23 at Deer Creek State Park.

The session allows for the sharing of ideas and perspectives from campus and community members as the campus develops its strategic priorities. All Group I and II faculty members, administrators and Regional Coordinating Council members have been invited to attend.
A separate meeting will be held with Classified Staff members at their regular meeting on Sept. 21 in Bennett Hall room 105 to gain their input since their work schedules and duties prevent most of these employees from attending the Aug. 23 event.

An emphasis this year is on sharing insights with new Chillicothe Campus Dean Donna Burgraff, who officially began her duties Aug. 2. The discussions will result in the development of a strategic plan to serve as a blueprint to help guide the campus’ decision-making and priorities during the 2010-11 academic year. The planning document that will result from these meetings will be fluid and allow for continual evaluation and revisions.

“In determining the future direction of the campus, I look forward to gaining broad-based input from a variety of individuals who have a vested interest in the campus’ success,” Dean Burgraff said. “My management style focuses on working collaboratively with others toward common goals that best serve our students. The planning session certainly sets the right tone for putting this type of approach into action. I look forward to learning from others and the sharing of viewpoints and perspectives. This type of strategic approach is important. Before we achieve success, we need to define it.”
Theater production of Barrymore scheduled for second summer session at OU-C

The Ohio University-Chillicothe theater program will present Barrymore, a play about great stage and film actor John Barrymore, at 8 p.m. on Aug. 13 and Aug. 14 in the Bennett Hall auditorium. This is an encore performance from the July 16 and 17 performances earlier this summer.

Tickets are $10 for adults, $9 for senior citizens, free for OU-C students. Tickets are available at the OU-C Box Office on the evenings of performances. Group rates of $8 per ticket are also available.

“The play focuses on Barrymore’s efforts to reignite his career on stage one last time, despite alcoholism and general extravagance,” said OU-C faculty member Ken Breidenbaugh, who directs the play. “It is set in 1942, the year preceding his death. It is a wildly entertaining and moving production, and it is full of theater history and lore.”
Leading actors are Dan Jalbuena, as Barrymore, and K. Aldridge, who plays the role of the prompter/manager who attempts to keep Barrymore on task in the rehearsal process.

Jonna Depugh named manager of accounting and human resources at OU-C

Jonna Depugh has been named manager of accounting and human resources at Ohio University-Chillicothe, effective Aug. 23.

She is currently senior administrative analyst with PPG Industries in Chillicothe, a position she has held since 2008. Previously, Depugh worked in Texas for eight years, including positions as evening education director with the Texas School of Business in Houston, director of finance with the National Institute of Technology in Houston, senior revenue account specialist with Anadarko Petroleum Corporation in The Woodlands and operational accounting manager with Terralliance Technologies in Houston.

In this position at OU-C, Depugh serves as the budget unit manager for the Chillicothe Campus and manages the daily operations of the accounting/human resources office. Among her duties, she conducts purchasing, budget preparation and contract preparation for the campus. She also advises department managers and faculty members on the availability of financial resources and resource priorities. This individual also generates and monitors quarterly income/expense reports.

She earned a bachelor’s degree from Ohio University and an MBA in accounting from Baker College in Flint, Mich.

“I am pleased that Jonna Depugh is joining the campus community,” OU-C Dean Donna Burgraff said. “She has extensive professional experience with a variety of organizations, and she is well-qualified for the multi-faceted demands of this position, which is essential to the efficient operations of the Chillicothe Campus.”

Since March, Ralph Sorrell has assumed the duties of interim manager of accounting at OU-C while the search was conducted to fill the position on a full-time basis. Associate Dean Mike Lafreniere has been handling human resources duties during the interim.

Catherine Arnold named to Law Enforcement Technology faculty at OU-C

Catherine Arnold has been named assistant professor of Law Enforcement Technology at Ohio University-Chillicothe, effective fall quarter 2010.

Arnold is currently on the faculty at Northern Kentucky University in Highland Heights, Ky., where she has served as an adjunct professor and instructor since 2008. She was previously on the faculty at the University of Cincinnati form 2006 to 2008.

Arnold earned a bachelor’s degree and master’s degree in criminal justice, both from the University of Cincinnati, and she is currently pursuing a doctoral degree at the University of Cincinnati.

She has a strong experience as a researcher and has written articles that are in progress and will be submitted for publication in professional journals, and she has given professional presentations and technical reports.

“I am happy that Catherine Arnold is joining the OU-C faculty. She has a strong academic and research background. I am confident she will bring share the latest insights in this field with students on the Chillicothe Campus, thereby preparing them for careers in the important field of law enforcement,” OU-C Dean Donna Burgraff said.

The campus’ Law Enforcement Technology program, an associate degree program, prepares students for careers in areas such as municipal and county enforcement agencies, the State Highway Patrol, corrections and juvenile probation. The Law Enforcement Technology program is one of the campus’ online academic programs.