Friday, August 27, 2010

Ohio University-Chillicothe hosting 5K race and fun run

Ohio University-Chillicothe will host a 5K (3.1 mile) race and 1-mile fun run on Saturday, Sept. 25, at the Ohio University Chillicothe campus. The Hilltopper Challenge participants will line up near the top entrance to Shoemaker Center. Registration begins at 7:30 a.m. and the race begins at 9 a.m.

Registration fee is $10 for students attending any school or college and $20 for other entrants. The fee includes a T-shirt. To register before the day of the race, call (740) 774-7760 to obtain a form. Forms are also available online on the OU-C Web site at by Aug. 30.

Proceeds from the race go toward scholarships for students enrolled in the OU-C Health Services Administration Program in 2011.

Bennett Hall vending room being converted to a classroom

The breakroom/vending area in the Bennett Hall basement (034) is being converted to a general classroom that will be operational with the beginning of fall quarter. Vending machines have been relocated in the adjacent hallway.

Once completed, the classroom will be carpeted and will include desks to seat 20 students. With strong enrollment, this space conversion allows the campus to better utilize available space in a manner that supports its academic enterprise.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Students visit Columbus Museum of Art

OU-C faculty member Ken Breidenbaugh recently took students in his Art of the 19th Century class to visit the Columbus Museum of Art.

“The trip was meant to cap off our summer discussion of the art of the 19th century, focusing on paintings by Realists, Impressionists and Post-Impressionists in the museum,” Breidenbaugh said. “The students were assigned reaction papers regarding three works from these periods represented in the collection, and prepared their remarks on site, with commentary and feedback from me. In all, it was a terrific experience.”

Chillicothe Campus sets strategic priorities for upcoming academic year

Ohio University-Chillicothe set its strategic priorities for the 2010-11 academic year during its annual planning session on Aug. 23. Approximately 50 individuals participated in the planning session at Deer Creek State Park.

Those in attendance included Group I and Group II faculty members, administrators and Regional Coordinating Council members who also shared a community perspective. A separate meeting will be held with Classified Staff members since their work schedules and duties prevented them from attending the planning session.

“New dean, seeking new ideas” was the theme of the session as OU-C Dean Donna Burgraff continues to gain the insights and input she needs to make informed decisions in charting the campus’ course for the future. She officially began her tenure at the Chillicothe Campus on Aug. 2.

Dean Burgraff opened the session by stating that clarity and transparency will be the hallmarks of her administration. She also showed that she is intent on putting words into action.

“Since I have been on campus, I have spent much time talking with people. During the course of these conversations, there have been some recurring themes. I want you to know that I heard you and made appropriate moves, and I want to hear from you again today,” Burgraff said in her opening remarks while noting three initiatives she has already identified. Those include:

• Restructured academic divisions that make academic sense without expanding beyond the current 4-division structure. “I am asking for the faculty to recommend changes in the division structure to find something that works better and more effectively than our current structure.”

• The development of a comprehensive tobacco-use policy for the campus. A strategic plan is being developed, and a task force to include students, faculty, staff members as well as non-smokers and smokers, will be formed.

• In keeping with its intended use, the parking area near the Stevenson Center will be limited to faculty and staff members, with a gate installed to control access.

Executive Dan of Regional Higher Education & Vice Provost of E-Learning and Strategic Initiatives Dan Evans also addressed the group on managing change and transition. “Change is exciting. As we move forward, we need to remain focused on the academic mission and remember that the reason we are here is because of what our faculty members are doing,” he said.
The campus’ strategic priorities for the upcoming academic year are listed below. Point persons will be identified and proper task forces will be developed to guide the implementation of specific initiatives.

• Self-Sustainability. Develop a plan to smartly increase enrollment and look to increase funding from sources such as grants and scholarships.

• Student Success. Develop a strategy for increasing retention and further strengthening academic preparedness opportunities for students.

• Academic Programming. Enhance program delivery, particularly in regards to areas such as blended/online classes and post-secondary options and investigate the possibility of weekend, one-night weekly and Friday/Saturday course offerings. Also identify possible new degree and other academic offerings that align with emerging career fields.

• Infrastructure/Capacity. Continue the initiative to identify the campus’ current capacity in areas such as student enrollment, classroom space, physical space and staffing levels and how to best increase capacity to support future growth. Also develop a comprehensive marketing strategy that aligns with enrollment strategies.

More details will be shared during the campus’ annual opening session at noon Sept. 9 in the Learning Commons, and task force members for the various initiatives will be identified during early fall quarter.

The strategic plan serves as a blueprint for success and is flexible, with the ability to adjust plans to changing situations. “We need to set goals and work toward them,” Dean Burgraff said. “We need to do our work with a plan and a purpose. It is important to have active faculty involvement with these initiatives since these individuals best understand the campus’ academic enterprise. As we move forward and take these initiatives from concept to reality, I look to capture the same collaborative approach that made the planning session a success.”

Sunday, August 22, 2010

New temporary smoking area on campus

Aug. 20

Chillicothe Campus Community members,

A temporary smoking area has been established on the exterior east side of the Stevenson Center. The area’s perimeters are marked by red lines, and it includes receptacles for disposing of cigarette butts.

This area gives smokers a comfortable venue with steps on which to sit and an overhang for protection against inclement weather. It also enhances safety by not placing individuals near vehicles in the parking lots.

The immediate effort is to create a space that offers a safe venue for smokers, with an emphasis on protecting non-smokers from second-hand smoke and keeping the campus litter-free in terms of cigarette butts, especially the pedestrian parkway in front of Bennett Hall.

An initiative is underway to develop a comprehensive tobacco-use policy for campus. During fall quarter 2010 the focus will be forming a task force and gathering broad-based input of OU-C students, faculty and staff and then developing a plan to implement with the beginning of winter quarter 2011. Updated information will continued to be posted in the campus news blog:


Dr. Donna L. Burgraff, Dean

Ohio University-Chillicothe