Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Chillicothe Campus steps up recycling efforts

The Chillicothe Campus has stepped up its recycling program by making it more convenient for campus and community members to discard items that can be reused.

Currently, 23-gallon receptacles are being placed in all classrooms for the disposal of recyclable items. As a convenience feature, items do not need to be sorted before being tossed in the green containers. Acceptable items include:

• Computer and office paper

• Flattened cardboard boxes

• Newspapers and inserts

• Envelopes

• Paperboard (cereal boxes, etc)

• Empty aluminum cans

• Empty plastic bottles

• Rinsed steel food and soup cans

• Glass containers

Also, smaller blue-colored containers are being placed in faculty and administrative office areas.

Further, community members can dispose of recyclable materials in the larger containers in the campus recycling center, located in the south-central portion of the main parking area.

Rumpke Recycling is handling the recycling efforts.

The campus is also continuing its emphasis on secure-document destruction with document-destruction containers in the Dean’s Office, Central Processing Center and all campus buildings.

The campus has contracted with First Capital Enterprises of Chillicothe for the secure-document destruction effort.

“These steps continue the campus’ ongoing sustainability efforts by having in place a program that is both robust and convenient. As an educational institution, it is important to be a leader in this area and to be good stewards of our resources,” Director of Facilities Management Dave Scott said.

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