Thursday, March 3, 2011

Students share the ‘coolest’ part of their college experience

To better understand the campus from their perspective, we periodically speak with OU-C students to gain their insights. This week’s question asks them ‘What is the coolest part of the college experience for you?’ Interestingly, being interviewed for this story did not make the list.

For freshman Steven Thompson, a key part of the college experience is the increased freedom. “I like being more independent and more on my own. I feel like I am becoming more of an adult,” said Thompson, a nursing student from Vinton County High School.

Christian Fanelli, a transplant from Florida, enjoys the interaction with faculty members. “Personally, I like having professors who engage in two-way conversations. It helps to open up students’ minds and is thought-provoking,” said the computer science major from Orlando.

For John Mytinger, the college experience involves having a focus. “I like the feeling that I am working toward something and accomplishing something rather than just treading water.” Mytinger, a Chillicothe High School graduate, is majoring in finance.

“I like being able to have the freedom to do what I want and to work on my own tine, especially in regards to class assignments,” said Miranda Gifford, a pre-professional major from Logan Elm High School.

For Paint Valley High School graduate Tyler Yoakem, who is undecided on his academic major, the coolest part is “meeting new people and making new friends.”

Carrie Burns, a nursing student from Washington Court House High School, echoed those sentiments. “I like meeting new people. Since I am in the nursing program, we help each other a lot.”

For Ashley Burns, a psychology major from Adena High School, it’s all about the Stevenson Center Learning Commons. “I like the library. It’s fun to relax here.”

Nick Wooten, a history major from Huntington High School, was to the point. “Meeting women” was his response.

Pam Heidrich is in her first quarter at OU-C after attending Cuyahoga Community College and is making the transition, so she is looking to settle in rather than find that cool characteristic. “Going from a big city to a small town is an adjustment. Plus, I never before have taken daytime classes, so this is all a change for me,” said the nursing major from Lakewood.

As with many of her classmates, Lindsay Rittinger, a nursing student from Logan Elm High School, enjoys the increased responsibility of the college experience. “I like the freedom we have. You can wear what you want and make your own schedule.” Rittinger is also in the transitional stage, having transferred from Hocking College and reports a smooth transition thus far.

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