Monday, August 22, 2011

New locks are being installed on Shoemaker Center doors

Aug. 17

Chillicothe Campus members,

Beginning today (Aug. 17), a project is being undertaken to install new locks on the external doors of the Shoemaker Center. The project will cause some minor disruptions but will not interfere with normal business activities of the building and offices. This is the first phase in installing new locks on doors throughout the building.

The focus of the current project is to improve safety and security of the building’s occupants by regulating access to the Shoemaker Center. This is customary with a building such as the Shoemaker Center, which hosts several public events and includes workout facilities where there is an increased chance of injury. Over the years, a number of keys have been issued to individuals who are no longer associated with the campus, and not all of the keys have been returned.

Therefore, the installation of new locks will help to regulate access to the building to individuals who need access to their offices or by athletics team coaches, the athletics director, maintenance staff and others who need access to the building outside of regular business hours to conduct campus-related activities.

Arrangements have been made with individuals who need access to the center for the distribution of keys.


Martin Tuck, Dean

Dave Scott, Director of Facilities Management