Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Chillicothe Campus students gaze 10 years into their personal crystal balls

OU-C is an innovative campus with forward-thinking students. Accordingly, it seems appropriate in this week’s “person on the street” interviews to ask random students about where they see themselves 10 years from now.

Stephanie Meyerin is a student with a forward-looking plan. “Ideally, I will win the lottery. Also, I would like to be an RN or BSN at Grant Hospital in Columbus since it has the best trauma center in the state,” said Meyerin, a nursing student from Teays Valley and, hopefully lucky person when it comes to games of chance.

Juan Cuellar, a nursing student from the Lone Star state of Texas, said, “My goal is to become a nurse practitioner and to live in the Chillicothe area.”

“I would like to be a psychologist and to own a bigger house for my two children. I would also like to live somewhere warm, such as South Carolina,” said psychology major Stephanie Tyler, an Illinois native who graduated from Unioto High School.

“I see myself being involved in the family business. Other than that, I am not certain,” said Gabrielle Pitzer, a Hillsboro High School graduate. Pitzer is undecided on an academic major but is leaning toward communication studies. To help learn the family diner business, she is currently working as a waitress. “I hope to become more involved with business operations,” she said.

“To have a job would be nice and hopefully doing something related to psychology. I also will hopefully be out of my parents’ home by then,” said Emily Gearhart, a psychology major from Zane Trace High School.

Matthew Diehl of Zane Trace High is undecided on a major. “I see myself, in whatever major I choose, having a job and a nice house in the country.”

Sarah Campbell, a biology/pre-professional major from Washington Court House High School, said, “Hopefully I will be a practicing veterinarian. I want to pay off my school debt and to be living on my own. I would like to live in Tennessee and maybe have kids.”

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