Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Chillicothe Campus students weigh in on their college experiences

We regularly speak with OU-C students to gain their perspective on college life. Along those lines, this week, we asked students who were relaxing in the Learning Commons how they would describe their college experience.

“Overall, it is good. It gets me out of the house and a chance to get a good job and attain a career,” said Emily Woodruff, a pre-nursing major from Unioto High School. “I also enjoy the social interaction.”

“I am enjoying college,” said Phillip Lowe, a business major from Logan Elm High School. “These days, you need a good education to succeed. I am on campus two days a week, and that schedule works well for me because I work the other days at my regular job.”

Nicholas Dunlap, a pre-nursing student from Southeastern High School, said, “It has been pretty enjoyable but can be challenging at times. I enjoy the interesting discussions in certain classes.” As for the challenging aspect, he noted, “Some match classes have a lot of homework, and I try to balance it with other assignments.”

Teressa Masters is having a good experience. “I like it; I like my classes and the teachers. Plus, the Learning Commons is a good place to study and rest,” said the nursing student from Southeastern High.

“I am getting a really good, hands-on experience in a small, peaceful environment,” said Jeremiah Triplett, a psychology major from River Valley High School. “Everything is easy to access and the Learning Commons is great; it is something that other campuses do not have. Also, there are academic offerings after five o’clock, which cater to working people, and that’s important.”

Cody Moore, a Law Enforcement Technology major from Westfall High, said, “My experience has been all right. I am on campus a minimal number of days a week (two), and, with a job, that helps. As far as the teachers, most are pretty good and try to help you.”

“It has gone pretty well and, overall, I like the concept,” said Kristen Lane, a nursing student from Westfall. “I do not like the non-descriptive talk about topics in the classroom and would prefer less sarcasm.”

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