Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Lauren Scharfetter takes "old-school" approach to her choice of reading material

OU-C student Lauren Scharfetter enjoys the stories behind every turning of the page.
In this age of Kindle readers and RSS feeds, Lauren Scharfetter prefers to keep things "old school" when it comes to her choice of reading preferences. The Ohio University-Chillicothe student is a self-described “bookworm” who prefers to steer clear of newfangled reading methods and would rather go cover to cover with a book instead.

“I guess I am one of the odd people,” said Scharfetter, a Chillicothe High School graduate. “I have always loved books. Since I was a kid, I have always loved reading, and you would never see me without a book when I was growing up. I love everything about them, even the smell of new books.”

Emerging media have not been able to soften Scharfetter’s book-reading passion.

“I find social media kind of annoying and obnoxious,” Scharfetter said. “A book is something you can hold in your hand and put down when you want. Social media, on the other hand, is like a cell phone; it’s always there.”

Scharfetter’s literary pursuits are no random meandering through the pages.

“I learn a lot from reading books. For example, I have learned about people and the way they think, societal problems and the underlying meanings of life.”

Scharfetter, who is majoring in communication studies at OU-C, plans to incorporate her literary pursuits into her future career by pursuing a master’s degree in library sciences and becoming a librarian. She is already familiar with the atmosphere, having worked in the Ross County Library system for five years, currently with the North Side branch in Chillicothe.

Scharfetter, who is currently turning the pages of four different books, does not play favorites when it comes to her choice of reading material -- with one exception. “I enjoy fiction, non-fiction or any genre, but I cannot stand raunchy romance novels. I usually read mysteries, murder-mysteries and some horror novels. I also love the medieval times; something about how they lived back there is fascinating.”

As for authors, “I especially like Stephen King novels, and my favorite fiction writer is Michael Crichton.”

Scharfetter admits that her gravitation toward traditional reading methods gives her a unique perspective compared to many of her peers.

“I see things differently than many people my age, I guess. I have more holistic ideas in terms of what I want in life. I want to go to school, get a good education and learn to do more.”

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