Wednesday, April 11, 2012

OU-C Student Success Center provides support and services to enhance student experience

The Student Success Center provides resources for a successful college career.

By OU-C public relations student employee Lindsay Shirk

The newly named Student Success Center, a combination of the math and writing centers, truly encompasses the vision of Ohio University-Chillicothe by providing student-focused services.

“We want to provide our students with all the tools possible to enable their success here at OU-C and in their future endeavors,” said Dennis Ray, coordinator of the former Math Center. “We value each student’s individual needs and backgrounds, and look to be an extension of the classroom, preparing them to be confident and effective in their program's required courses.”

The Student Success Center provides a framework for the math and writing centers and continues to fulfill the the purpose of the two centers by offering OU-C student the resources they need to realize their potential and have successful college careers.

The center, which is located in the OU-C Learning Commons, provides support and services for all OU-C students of all grades. Tutors of mixed experience are available for both math and writing. Tutors help to provide an individualized, peer-to-peer support experience. Students often relate to tutors because they may share classes and professors.

“We are oriented towards the process of writing rather than the actual product; we try to encourage people to learn good writing habits while still being approachable as a peer,” says Kelli Flannagan, a sophomore writing tutor. “I think that is why the writing center is so successful; students don't feel as intimidated when they come to us with questions as they would going to a professor.”

The center also stands as a place for student community-building. Students can find tutors and fellow peers they can relate to, and in turn, feel comfortable asking questions and conversing with.
“From my experience, when students feel successful with writing assignments and feel that they belong to larger community, they are more likely to "stick it out" through the more intense, stressful times of midterms and finals,” said Deb Nickles, coordinator of the former Writing Center. “Students often say that they come to OU-C for the small classes and friendly atmosphere—I believe that they find a true bubble of congeniality.”

The center focuses on the success of each student and prepares to help students in many different capacities. In addition to helping with classroom topics, tutors encourage students and provide study tips and stress relief tips.

“Giving them a feeling that they can succeed can greatly improve their success and therefore their willingness to stick with their desired program work,” said Ray.

The Student Success Center and Learning Commons are located in the Stevenson Center.

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