Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Quality higher education is an affordable proposition

Martin Tuck, dean of the Chillicothe Campus, shared his thoughts about OU-C’s ability to offer a quality, well-rounded educational experience at an affordable price in an interview on WBEX Radio’s ‘Sounding Board’ program as well as op-ed piece in the Chillicothe Gazette. With much discussion about student debt, the campus’ affordable price to earning a respected Ohio University diploma is of particular emphasis. Following are a link to the Sounding Board podcast and a copy of the op-ed article.

In light of the debt many college graduates face in terms of student loans, there has been much discussion lately, by elected officials and the general public, about the value of higher education. As a long-time educator, I appreciate both the tangible and intangible benefits of a college education and consider the experience invaluable in many aspects. However, as a parent with a monthly mortgage payment, I also understand the practical aspect of family budgets and the importance of avoiding overwhelming debt, especially for college graduates.

During my time at Ohio University-Chillicothe (OU-C), I have recognized that a quality education can be an affordable proposition. I am continuously struck by the ability of a campus such as OU-C to take a cost-efficient approach to higher education that mirrors the common-sense attitude of those in the region it serves.

At its core, Ohio University-Chillicothe is a place of opportunity. The campus reflects this value, first and foremost, by offering a quality education at an affordable price. On the Chillicothe Campus, we provide students an opportunity to earn a highly-respected Ohio University diploma for approximately $5,000 per academic year for a full-time student. This is a fraction of the cost faced by students and their parents at most residential campuses, and it is accomplished without compromising the quality of the academic or campus life experience.

The Chillicothe Campus is able to achieve this value largely because of a focused approach toward higher education. We offer associate, bachelor’s and a limited number of master’s degree programs that are aligned with student interest and emerging career fields in the region. In keeping with the Ohio University tradition, a sound liberal arts education is at its foundation, with an emphasis on developing students who can think critically and have the abilities to adjust to a changing job market.

Further, as a commuter campus, our students do not face room and board charges. Many are able to live at home and drive to campus, which helps to alleviate expenses. Also, because OU-C is a commuter campus, several of our students are able to hold part-time jobs to help pay for college.

Although we are not a residential campus, OU-C is not lacking when it comes to campus life. Our students enjoy a well-rounded experience outside of the classroom with activities such as student organizations, athletics teams, a health and wellness center, cultural activities and a beautiful, small-campus setting. Since most of our students are from this region, OU-C’s enriching campus culture reflects the same hometown qualities that make this region such a great place to live and raise a family.

OU-C was founded as the first regional campus in the state in 1946, largely so that military veterans returning from World War II could utilize the GI Bill benefits they earned. Since that time, we have remained a campus with a clear vision of our purpose and whom we serve. As we have been proving for more than 65 years, higher education can be both invaluable and affordable with a no-frills approach that upholds the academic and campus life experience.

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