Tuesday, November 6, 2012

‘Take 5’ initiative aimed at helping students complete college careers in most efficient manner

In an effort to encourage Chillicothe Campus students to complete their academic pursuits in the most efficient and cost-effective manner, Student Services is rolling out a “Take Five” initiative to coincide with registration for spring semester.

The effort emphasizes the importance of OU-C students taking five, 3-credit-hour courses each semester.

“We want students to complete their academic programs, earn their degrees and enter their career fields as quickly as possible,” Director of Student Services John Fisher said. “Further, it costs the same for a full-time student to take 15 hours as 12 hours. Consequently, by ‘taking five’ the students can best get their money’s worth out of their college education and avoid accumulating unnecessary debt that can hamper them after graduation.”

The emphasis is part of the campus’ ongoing Quarter-to-Semester (Q2S) transition process.

“As we continue with the transition, this is the logical next step,” Fisher said. “After spending much of last year discussing the ‘big picture’ aspects of the transition, we are now focusing on the practical steps within the semester framework.”

With the new academic calendar comes a new way of looking at course loads and different terminology.

“With the switch from quarters to semesters, it seems that many students are in the habit of taking four courses, which was typical in the quarter system where courses usually counted as four academic credit hours apiece. In the semester system, it is more logical to take the five courses, at three hours apiece.”

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