Thursday, July 11, 2013

Hilltop Café getting a new look and fresh offerings for fall semester

Renovation and fresh offerings are on the menu for the Hilltop Café for fall semester 2013. Ohio University’s Auxiliary Services is assuming operations of the bookstores and food services on the university’s regional campuses, effective July 1.

With the change in operations comes a new look to the Hilltop Café, located in the Stevenson Center Learning Commons. Overall, patrons will notice a more open, airy look with more efficient use of space and a wider array of choices.

Six computer stations, including the counter, along the south wall have been relocated elsewhere in the Stevenson Center and will be replaced with food offerings and a scissor-type door to secure the space after hours.

The biggest upgrade will be the installation of two salad bars in the space that had previously been filled by tables used by diners. Behind the scenes, a pizza oven will be installed in the preparation area behind the counter.

All of the renovations are targeted toward offering students fresher choices that are served quickly, meeting the demands of their busy schedules.

While the look will change, the student-focused approach that distinguishes the entire Learning Commons will remain. OU-C student workers will continue to run the day to day operations of the café. The emphasis will continue to be placed on offering a place for Chillicothe Campus students to spend their time between classes most productively and on their own terms.

With the campus’ growing enrollment, it has become increasingly important to have a “campus hub” where students can hang out and study or socialize between classes. On a commuter campus, where students cannot go back to their residence halls when not in class, the Learning Commons plays a central role in fostering a sense of community on campus and adding to the everyday experience for students.