Tuesday, July 23, 2013

NextGen switch affects wireless device users

On Thursday July 25, beginning at 9 a.m., the Athens OIT wireless group, in partnership with the Chillicothe Campus Information Technology (IT) team, will switch the campus’ existing wireless network system over to the NextGen wireless network. 

The following information is only necessary to those who use university or personal wireless devices such as smart phones, laptops and tablets.  Computers on the wired network are unaffected.

This upgrade will offer many improvements over our current legacy wireless network. The network will allow OU-C roaming wireless access without repeated logins; devices connected at our campus will automatically connect when you are on the Athens or Lancaster campuses (Soon all regional campuses); coverage to exterior OU-C common areas, and faster wireless speeds for devices that support the wireless N standard. 

•    Please visit www.ohio.edu/oit/wireless/authentication.cfm for helpful information or for specific instructions for laptops, tablets, and mobile phones.

For those individuals who wish to make changes to their wireless devices, please take the following steps:

•    To access the NextGen wireless network, your wireless device(s) need to be pointed to the "OHIO University" network (Please note the capitalization – the legacy network was Ohio University).  When joining the new wireless network, you will login with your Ohio ID and password - you may be prompted to accept a security certificate from securelogin.oit.ohio.edu – this is normal and you need to accept this security certificate. 

•    For sponsored guests, they will also login to the "OHIO University" network, after receiving a guest account & credentials (The same guest registration process we are currently using).

•    PLEASE NOTE - an "OHIO University Guest" account will also be visible as an available network. This name is slightly misleading, because it still requires an Ohio ID and password or a guest login and password.  Its purpose is more for diagnosing wireless issues and providing access to legacy devices that cannot accept the security certificate.  This IS NOT an open wireless network and DOES NOT accept connections from users without an Ohio ID and password.

•    When the new wireless network is turned on, and the legacy wireless network turned off, all devices that were set to automatically login to the "Ohio University" wireless network will need to be joined to the "OHIO University" wireless network (Using the process already outlined).  Until this happens, those devices will not have internet access.

Technicians from OIT Athens, as well as Andy, Denny, myself, and our IT help desk staff members will be on hand to help with any connectivity issues on Thursday.  Moving forward, our Chillicothe Campus IT staff and help desk will be available to help with making wireless connections and troubleshooting any issues.

If you have connectivity issues after the new wireless goes live, or have questions or concerns, please feel free to contact the OIT help desk @  extension 7212, or any of the IT staff members, and we will provide assistance.

They can be reached at:
•    Ron Yoakem, ext 7279
•    Andy Pierce, ext 7704
•    Denny Fowler, ext 7327
•    Bill Modzelewski, ext 7210

Monday, July 22, 2013

Brenda Phillips named associate dean of the Chillicothe Campus

Brenda D. Phillips, Ph.D., has been named associate dean of Ohio University-Chillicothe, effective July 22.  Phillips has a broad and progressive career in higher education as a faculty member, researcher and administrator.

“I am pleased that Brenda Phillips is joining the campus in this important position that provides
direction in terms of academic programming and student services as well as positioning faculty members to excel in their pursuits,” OU-C Dean Martin Tuck said. “She has ideal professional credentials and personal qualifications. As a long-time faculty member and renowned researcher, Dr. Phillips understands the value of exceptional teaching, which is the backbone of the Chillicothe Campus educational experience. She also has outstanding administrative skills, and she is adept at leading people of various backgrounds and skill sets toward common goals while basing decisions on what best aligns with the campus’ strategic objectives.”

“Further, in speaking with Dr. Phillips, it is evident she understands OU-C’s unique mission and relationship to the region it serves.”

As associate dean, Phillips serves as the chief academic officer of the campus and has oversight for areas such as the library and student services.

Since 2004, she has served at Oklahoma State University as the graduate student coordinator and a professor in the Fire and Emergency Program at Oklahoma State University. She has also been senior researcher for the university’s Center for the Study of Disasters and Extreme Events. She has also been an affiliate faculty member in the School of International Studies at Oklahoma State.

Phillips was previously a professor and director of the Emergency Preparedness Applied Research Center at Jacksonville (Ala.) State University from 2001 to 2004. Previously, she was a faculty member in sociology and director of the Women’s Studies Program at Texas Women’s University in Denton, Texas. She has also been a faculty member in sociology at Southern Methodist University in Dallas and at Maryville (Tenn.) College.

A noted academic researcher, Phillips has earned numerous grants and contracts, delivered presentations at international conferences, authored and co-authored several books, articles and book chapters and served on various boards. Much of her expertise is in the areas of emergency preparedness, particularly in regards to vulnerable populations, as well as women’s studies.

A native of Mt. Gilead, Ohio, Phillips earned her bachelor’s degree in sociology and history with minors in Spanish and social work from Bluffton College (now Bluffton University), her master’s degree in sociology from Ohio State University and her doctoral degree, also in sociology, from Ohio State.

“I am excited to return to my home state of Ohio to repay the investment the taxpayers made in my education,” Phillips said. “I look forward to working with and for the students, staff, and faculty of OU-Chillicothe and to becoming a member of the community. OU-Chillicothe is an important institution that supports students on their path toward a career.  With a mission dedicated to a diverse set of students, OU-C makes a difference not only for students but also for the broader workforce.  OU-C’s purposeful environment is what attracted me to the campus and to Ross County and I think it is a great fit.”

Dean Tuck said, “With strong enrollment, sound finances and the offering of academic programs that prepare students for emerging career fields, these are banner days for the Chillicothe Campus,” Tuck said. “I look forward to working with Dr. Phillips and ensuring that OU-C continues to find innovative ways to meet its mission of preparing students for rewarding careers and meaningful lives while also serving as a resource for our region. She brings an extensive background in higher education, and this well-rounded perspective should be especially beneficial in this endeavor.”

Phillips was named associate dean following a national search. She replaces James McKean, Ph.D., who is returning to the faculty and his role as program coordinator of the Law Enforcement Technology program after serving as interim dean since July 2011.

OU-C, the first regional campus in the state, was founded in 1946. It enrolls nearly 2,500 students and offers approximately 20 academic programs, including associate, bachelor’s and master’s degree offerings. The Chillicothe Campus offers the close-knit environment of a small-campus setting and the opportunity to earn a degree from nationally-recognized Ohio University.