Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Computer technology program at OU-C prepares students for success in their careers

By public relations student writer Mallory Laird
The Computer Science Technology (CTCH) program at OU-C provides students the relevant education they need to achieve their goals in a professional field that is constantly evolving.

“We strive to help students develop the technical skills that the industry values and the critical thinking abilities that will allow them to succeed as they advance in their careers,” CTCH program coordinator Joe Triplett said. “We are constantly looking to further strengthen our ties with local industry so that we can adjust our curriculum to teach the skills they need, both now and in the future.”

One way the program maintains these ties is through a robust internship program. “Many local businesses now seek eligible students in the program for work internships and some of these opportunities lead to full-time employment after graduation,” Triplett said.

With an increase in computer usage in the professional world, companies require trained specialists to support their advance computer systems. After completing this program, students usually enter the workforce or pursue a bachelor’s degree in Technical and Applied Studies or other complementary fields.

The Computer Science Technology program attracts individuals who are naturally interested in technology, have a curious nature, are drawn to technology and enjoy learning about new developments. OU-C’s program trains individuals to become not only technically proficient but also able to apply the critical thinking skills that prepare them for a changing job market.

The program gives students an insight to many aspects of the computer world, and what can be accomplished. Students are able to develop skills in hardware, computer networking, computer programming, databases, computer security and website development. These skills would be appealing to an employer looking to hire a person with technology experience.

Students appreciate the program’s focused, well-rounded approach.

“The program teaches analytical skills for critical thinking and the students learn to develop professional communication skills such as writing e-mails, report writing, oral presentations,
Scott Limle
PowerPoint presentations and the like,” says former CTCH student Scott Limle. He is finishing his degree in BTAS and graduating this spring.

Limle is a Navy veteran and former corrections officer who joined the program in 2011. He came back to school to join the program because of his interest in computers.

He stresses the helpfulness of the professors in the CTCH program. “I never felt like the professors were there to earn a paycheck. They were here for the students.”

Former student Glenda Reed appreciated the extra help outside of the classroom that the program offers. “It was easy to see that people on campus want students to succeed; I feel this is most prevalent in providing tutors at the learning center and the extra time that the professors are willing to donate and assist with their time outside the classroom,” she said.

In 2010, Reed lost her job and decided to go back to school to pursue her career. She chose the CTCH program because she was good with computers and helping others with their computer problems. Glenda is finishing up her BSAM degree and will be finishing her Spring Semester as a Gladfleter IT co-op student.

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Nice work by Joe Triplett and other faculty who serve the students in CTCH!! Keep up the fine work!