Wednesday, April 16, 2014

OU-C student shares experience of relocating to the Athens campus

“It feels like this home that you search for your whole life and then you finally find it, and you never want to leave,” says student Chelci Borland of her experiences with relocating to Ohio University’s Athens campus.

Borland, a Huntington High School graduate, relocated from OU-C and is currently a senior studying communication sciences and disorders (CSD). In this video, she speaks about the benefits of relocating as well as the positive experiences she has had on both campuses:

Taking advantage of the option to relocate gave Borland time to gain her footing in the college setting while knocking out some of the generally required courses and deciding which career path she would pursue on the Athens campus. The affordable tuition and familiar atmosphere made the transition much less intimidating and relieved some of the financial burden.

After realizing that she wanted to earn a degree in CSD, which is not currently offered at OU-C, Borland decided to take advantage of the excellent program on the Athens campus.

Not only has Chelci had positive academic experiences, but she has also found her comfort zone in her social life on the Athens campus. Starting at a smaller campus gives students the opportunity to transition into college life at their own pace.

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