Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Athletic program plays pivotal role in college experience for several Chillicothe Campus students

By public relations student writer Mallory Laird

Much of the college experience occurs outside of the classrooms and labs, and the Chillicothe Campus’ sports program adds to the vibrancy of many students’ educational careers. OU-C has a robust athletics program and fields women’s teams in volleyball, basketball, softball and tennis, as well as man’s teams in basketball, golf, baseball and tennis in addition to cheerleading squads.

Approximately 100 students were involved in the campus’ athletics program during the 2013-14 academic year.

The Hilltoppers mainly compete against similar campuses in the Ohio Regional Campus Conference.

Beyond adding to the college experience, the athletics program is an integral part of the overall campus mission to prepare students for fulfilling lives and rewarding careers.

“Our student-athletes learn and display qualities of time-management, maintaining poise in pressure situations, teamwork and sacrificing individual accomplishments for a common goal. These are attributes that are important to individuals over the long term,” athletic director Kim McKimmy said.

Balancing athletics with the demands of academic and outside obligations requires a great deal of sacrifice and dedication on the part of the student-athletes.

“It is challenging to balance athletics and academics and it can be stressful at times. To play a sport, you have to be dedicated not only to basketball, but to school, as well,” said Quentin Williams, a guard on the men’s basketball team who earned academic all-ORCC. “Everything will not be easy in athletics. Just as with life, there will be ups and downs. If you persevere and do not give up, you will be successful, on and off of the court.”

Volleyball player Alexis Roback said, “Being a college athlete can make things difficult during the season because, on top of schoolwork, you often have matches on weekends. You need to be able to manage your time wisely and keep up with things.”

For many student-athletes, athletics provide a competitive setting and change of pace from the classroom, serving as an important stress-relief. They also allow students who were athletes in high school to continue that pursuit in college and for other students to try competitive sports for the first time.

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