Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Chillicothe Campus faculty member Barbara Mahaffey appointed to editorial board of professional publication

OU-C faculty member Barbara Mahaffey, Ph.D., has been appointed as an editorial board member of the Journal of Counselor Practice for a two-year appointment that began Aug. 1.The Journal of Counselor Practice is the official journal of the Ohio Counseling Association.

The Journal of Counselor Practice is a peer-reviewed national publication. The JCP is targeted to meet the needs of professional school and mental health counselors across all specialty areas and contains a wide scope of professional manuscripts.

Beyond the professional prestige of the appointment, it also supports Mahaffey’s academic curiosity and, ultimately, her effectiveness as a classroom instructor in sharing the latest advancements in the field with Chillicothe Campus students, particularly those enrolled in the Human Services Technology program.

“For the purpose of keeping updated to inform my pedagogy, I read research. Part of the expectations of Group I faculty is to conduct research and before a person conducts research studies, it is important to undertake a thorough literature review of topics,” she said. “I consider reading research a fun part of my job. I do not know how the editor of this journal found me (I am a lifetime member of the Ohio Counseling Association) but I received an invitation to be a reviewer. I accepted and noted my specialties.”

Mahaffey has also volunteered to serve as an associate editor of the AURCO Journal, a publication of the Association for University Regional Campuses of Ohio. “There will be approximately 30 articles published in that yearly journal next spring, and I will be overseeing the editing of approximately 10 of those articles,” she said.

Mahaffey is an associate professor and coordinator of the OU-C Human Services Technology program. She is also a clinical counselor, with more than 30 years of professional experience and has earned supervising counselor designation.
She earned her bachelor’s degree in communication and her master’s degree in education in community counseling from Ohio University, taking courses at OU-C, and her Ph.D. in education with a major in counselor education from Ohio State University. Mahaffey’s specialty is marriage, couples and family counseling. Mahaffey joined the OU-C faculty in June 2005.

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