Thursday, September 18, 2014

First Amendment still relevant in this day of social media, local news professionals share during campus dialogue

Local professional journalists Mike Smith and Mike Throne discussed “The First Amendment: Still Relevant After All These Years” during a recent discussion in the Stevenson Center Learning Commons. The dialogue, which was sponsored by the OU-C Cultural Committee, commemorated Constitution Day.

They stressed the importance the document still holds and that many nations do not enjoy such freedoms. Among points of discussion, they talked about the impact social media has made in journalism and the importance to balance community standards in news-reporting.

The event underscores two important principles of the Chillicothe Campus – engaging with the local community and further establishing a sense of a learning community on campus that extends beyond the classrooms and labs.

As the campus hub of student activity, both formally and informally, the Learning Commons is an ideal setting for these types of events.

Smith is news director, sports director and operations manager of WBEX/WCHI/WKKJ/WQLX Radio in Chillicothe as well as WCHO AM & FM in Washington Court House. Throne is regional managing editor of the Chillicothe Gazette and has editorial oversight over four sites

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