Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Glass Enclosures publication builds bridges, reinforces spirit of a learning community on campus

The recent launch of the fourth volume of Glass Enclosures was the biggest turnout yet for the publication. More than 20 individuals from around the region gathered in the Stevenson Center Learning Commons to celebrate and provide readings of poetry and fiction.

Glass Enclosures is a literary publication that features the creative work of current and former OU-C students. The publication includes fiction, nonfiction, poetry, research writing and other forms of creative writing.

The publication is designed to create greater awareness for the campus’ talented student and alumni writers and is intended to cut across a range of grade levels, majors and literary interests. In supporting the mission of the Student Success Center, the creation was of Glass Enclosures was sparked by one of the Writing Center’s main goals, to encourage students to build writing confidence in all writing projects across their curriculum.

The publication builds an important bridge between the classroom and other areas of campus life in supporting that sense of a learning community at OU-C.

Glass Enclosures is pivotal in providing knowledge transfer for students. It offers them the opportunity to take what they learn in the classroom and relate it to both the personal and the professional through creative writing,” OU-C English faculty member Tony Vinci said.

“We do not have enough areas in our culture that invite people to share their voices, to have an outlet where students can come together and share their not fully-formed selves. That is when real transformation happens,” Vinci added. “At the recent reading, there was a real rawness, richness and communal vulnerability. Many of the readings were private, and there is real benefit in sharing these struggles publicly. This type of publication offers a place where campus community members can meditate on their thoughts and experiences, fine-tune their writing, question themselves and share in a way that others can join in this beautiful confusion.”

Leah Hollis, a Writing Center tutor and member of the student editorial board, has also submitted articles for Glass Enclosures. “I think it is cool that there is a way to publish our work as students. From my involvement with Glass Enclosures, I have learned different perspectives from students. For me, creative writing has always been an outlet for what is going on in my life.”

Since the first volume came out in 2011, more than 110 contributors from the OU-C alumni community have contributed to the publication, in addition to current students and campus members. The submission date for the next publication is April 10, 2015. Details will be forthcoming. For further information contact Deb Nickles at

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