Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Chillicothe Campus students have designs on their own campuses

We periodically speak with our students to gain their viewpoint on the campus experience. This week we asked them what features they would include if they were going to build their own college campus.

“I would have an athletic complex for students to be able to use,” said Vincent Davy, a computer
science major from Wellston High School. “Definitely, I would also have a place to eat, probably a food court with a lot of selection, and maybe even a buffet.”

 “It would be nice to have a rec center with pool tables and games to give students a place to hang out
between classes. It might help students to meet some new people,” said Cory Lane, a nursing student and Chillicothe High School graduate.

Ashtin Mason would bring along some features from her time as a Wright State student. “I would have something similar to the tunnel system that connects buildings to make it easier for those with

Her friend Gracelyn Sizemore echoed those thoughts. “I like the idea about having Greek life. I do like how our library is separate from the Learning Commons. It is nice to have a place to meet and talk that is separate from the study area.” Sizemore, a Unioto High grad, is a child psychology major.

disabilities to get around. We also had a program for training service dogs that was nice. Also, it would be pretty cool to have a Greek life system.” Mason, who graduated from Paint Valley High School, is majoring in business management.

Steven Thompson said, “I would have TV sets in the lounge area, and a food court would be nice. If we had covered walkways between buildings, that would be pretty convenient.” Thompson, a health services administration major, graduated from Vinton County High School.

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