Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Chillicothe Campus students discuss preparations for finals, plans for the ensuing semester break

We occasionally speak with Chillicothe Campus students to gain their perspective on life at OU-C. With the end of fall semester approaching, we asked about their take on finals and winter break.

“I do not really know about finals. I am freaking out about a couple of finals where I am not sure what to expect. But, I just need to study and relax,” said Lindsay Brown, a post-secondary option

program (PSEOP) student from Logan Elm High School. “I have no plans for break other than to just relax.”

Fellow PSEOP student Hannah Baker of Circleville High School said, “In terms of finals, I am OK. I
am worried about math, but if I study, I should be fine. Over break, I will be applying for scholarships to attend college next fall.”

“Two of my finals will be hard. Other than that, it should not be too difficult,” said Haley Welsh, a
nursing student from Logan Elm High. Once the semester ends, she will go back to her part-time job. “During break, I will just work at the Dairy Shed in Laurelville.”

 Caleb Bright, a PSEOP student from Westfall High School, is not sweating finals. “Finals look good
right now, and I am not too concerned. As for break, I will just be hanging out and happy to not be doing schoolwork.”

“Things are looking good for finals. I have been doing pretty well in class,” said Zachary Atwood, a
business major from Chillicothe High School. Once the semester ends, he will concentrate on his craft as a sandwich artist at the local Subway restaurant.

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