Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Michael Lafreniere presents at professional conference on creating a collaborative learning environment

Michael Lafreniere is utilizing technology for a better learning environment.

By public relations student writer Madison Corbin

Michael Lafreniere, Associate Professor of Environmental Engineering Technology and Mathematics at OU-C, is presenting at the prestigious EDUCAUSE Connect event in San Diego this month.

The title of Lafreniere’s presentation is “How to Create Collaborative Learning Environments Online and Offline to Improve Student Outcomes.” His work places an emphasis on leveraging today’s key technologies to enhance student involvement and outcomes while creating a collaborative learning environment.

Lafreniere’s approach focuses on collecting mid-level data during classroom sessions in an effort to provide feedback to students and improve their learning experience. He captures the students’ writing using a process called digital inking  to gather insights.

“I can record what they write, erase and write again. In turn, I can peer into student thinking, how they enter into a mistake and possible conceptions they have. I use this mid-level data to provide a teaching/learning intervention and help them develop the proper conception of the material,” says Lafreniere.

EDUCAUSE Connect offers a highly interactive opportunity to find workable solutions, connect experiences, build professional networks and grow individual and collective understanding of higher education IT issues.

The themes for the 2015 event include data-informed decision making, enterprise service delivery, partnerships and collaborations and talent and career development. Participants select a learning track created from these themes and join a cohort of peers with whom to network and share ideas, creating innovative strategies and leading change.

Lafreniere’s presentation falls under the data-informed decision making theme. Those attending the session will explore increasing engagement and participation, group work, formative assessment, in-class self-reflection and mastery-level learning. Henry Delcore, a professor California State University, Fresno, will be presenting on the theme as well.

More information on Lafreniere’s work can be found in this recent News Blog story:

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