Wednesday, January 28, 2015

OU-C faculty member Kenneth Larimore challenges social work students with new workbook

By public relations student writer Madison Corbin

We carry them from class to class and regard them atop our coffee tables.  We trade them like Pokemon cards, buy them as necessities, and sell them like supplies.  Some are fat and some are short.  Some shine with promising newness while others disintegrate within themselves, weighted with highlighter ink and marginalized scribbles of sentiment.  We revere them as hallmarks of knowledge and use them to prop open doors.   

We are college students.  And they are textbooks.

We take our questions to these texts, asking “Why?” and “Who?” and “How?” and “When?”  We learn about the world by reading left to right and take for granted the clarity with which we are informed. 

Some textbooks do more than answer, however.  Some textbooks do some asking of their own.
By the hand of Kenneth Larimore, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Social Work at Ohio University-Chillicothe, an inquisitive book has been born. 
With Mary Brown, a recent Ohio University graduate, Larimore authored an artful insight into social work.  The two had specific intentions in writing the book and feel confident that those intentions have been met with the final product, “Social Work and Social Welfare: A Practical Guide for Future Practitioners.”

“We wanted students to understand the 10 competencies that social workers must master and to understand definitions of key words prominent in the profession,” said Larimore.  “We wanted students to come in contact with current social workers and get a feel for how they work, why they chose the profession and what areas of practice interest them most.”

Larimore plans to implement his inventive workbook into the Social Work 1000 class. 

“This class gives students an understanding about what the social work profession is all about,” said Larimore.  “I wanted to write a workbook that would inspire those who may not know if this is what they want to do as their life occupation.”

Larimore has extensive background in social work as an administrator, counselor and case manager.  His accomplishments in the field range from hosting seminars and workshops to having articles published.  Larimore has been a visiting professor of social work on Ohio University’s Athens campus. He has served in the past as an adjunct member at a number of universities including Liberty University, Indiana Wesleyan University, Mount Vernon Nazarene University, Ohio Christian University and Central Ohio Technical College.  He currently serves as program coordinator in addition to his teaching duties at OU-C. 

Among outcomes, the workbook should help to provide students with the insights they need to determine if social work is the right profession for them, particularly in terms of making their impact.

“I love seeing students passionate about the social work profession and their desire to make a difference in the lives of their clients,” said Larimore. 

His hopes for students surpass mere memorized knowledge.  “We want to provide students with the practice skills that will make them great social workers.”

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Anonymous said...

What a great story about a faculty member working with a student to help other students in Social Work!! Way to go Ken and Mary...great work!