Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Blend of traditional and non-traditional students adds to diversity, vibrancy of campus experience

Traditional and non-traditional students share various viewpoints and experiences.

By public relations student writer Madison Corbin

Ohio University-Chillicothe boasts a student population that bridges diversity in an authentic and distinguished way.  To many, the term “non-traditional” refers to the age of the students.  To the students at OU-C, “non-traditional” refers to a rare and valuable experience occurring across campus every day.  With students from all walks of life working together to achieve the common goal of graduation, OU-C encourages collaboration in its most accomplished form.  Students are challenged to explore versatile perspectives and overcome cultural and societal barriers among peers. 

In the video, “We Are All Students,” members of the OU-C community discuss the extensive benefits of a non-traditional student population in higher education.  By comparing, contrasting and aligning their lives, students develop an enlightened understanding of the world around them and an expanded point of view regarding the work at hand. 

“You have the same job to do, you have the same paper to write, you have the same test to take,” explains English faculty member Tony Vinci.  “The things that make us different actually become bridges.”

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