Friday, February 13, 2015

Chillicothe Campus students describe traits of their favorite faculty members

Colin Echard, Mackenzie Brodess, Katy Landrum

Mackenzie Boyer

Nicholas Kennedy

We regularly talk with Chillicothe Campus students to get their take on the campus experience. We recently asked students to describe the traits of a truly cool faculty member.

Colin Echard, an anatomy major from Zane Trace High School, cited an example. “Dr. Hammoudi is the man. He is incredibly passionate about his job and very thorough about his explanations.”

Professor Hammoudi’s popularity is growing. “A good faculty member is extremely good at explaining things that do not make sense. As with Dr. Hammoudi, he is super good to everyone. Another trait of any cool faculty members is that they are willing to talk with students during their office hours,” said Katy Landrum, a post-secondary option student who attends Jackson High School.

“Tony Vinci is a faculty member I really like,’ said Mackenzie Brodess, a pre-dentistry student from Zane Trace High. “He is energetic and makes a good learning environment. He encourages students to express themselves.”

“Mike Lafreniere is really interested in his students and wants them to succeed,” said Mackenzie Boyer, a Chillicothe High graduate who is undeclared in terms of her academic major. “Also, I really like Debra Nickles. She really wants her students to learn and gives good feedback.”

Nicholas Kennedy, an environmental engineering technology student from Chillicothe High, said, “I like all of my EVT professors. Jamie Mash is especially good. He explains careers we can go into, and they are all very motivated.”

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