Friday, February 20, 2015

Community service is important part of college experience for numerous students on the Chillicothe Campus

Community service adds to the college experience for many OU-C students.

By student public relations writer Madison Corbin

In Chillicothe, college and community are one in the same.  Well-rooted within its host town, the Chillicothe Campus demonstrates a dedication to cultivating beneficial connections between students and the surrounding area.  Among those connections are the opportunities for students to become involved in their communities, which is an important component of the college experience for many students.

Those pursuing a degree at OU-C are presented with a versatile collection of community service opportunities, and those who take advantage of the offerings reap an array of rewards.  In the video, Community Service Learning, faculty and students discuss the advantages, both practical and personal, of lending a helping hand.

Community service equips students with practical advantages for competitive job markets.  Through volunteering, students build their professional network, enhance their resumes and develop distinct social skills such as communication and leadership capabilities.  Students who partake in community service related to their major are able to practice and master skills that will benefit them in their careers fields. 

Further, students who actively participate in their community perceive society in an alternative light and formulate a well-rounded point of view as a result.  Students earn eclectic knowledge not only about their external environments, but also about themselves.  In Chillicothe, community service spans a wide range of causes and volunteers are urged to discover, shape and pursue their own personal values in the process of helping others.  Community service provides an outlet for self-reflection and individual growth at an ideal time when students strive for self-improvement. 

The everyday practices taking place at OU-C make it clear: community service leaves an immensely positive impact not only on its receiver, but also on its provider.

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