Thursday, March 12, 2015

Chillicothe Campus students had productive spring breaks

Denise Chapman and Molly Humphrey

John Bush

Waylon Altrip

We regularly talk with Chillicothe Campus students to gain their perspective on life. This week, we asked them about their endeavors during the recent spring break.

“I stayed home mostly and did a little bit of work,” said John Bush, who works at a nutrition center for the elderly in Greenfield. “Otherwise, I took it easy. I also rewrote a paper that is due this week.” Bush, a business major, grew up in Columbus and now resides in Greenfield.

“I stayed at home and worked at a grocery store in Laurelville,” said Waylon Artrip, a business administration major who graduated from Logan Elm High School. “I tried to save money.”

Denise Chapman left the state. “I went to Fort Bragg to visit my boyfriend,” said Chapman, a nursing student from Adena High.

Her friend Molly Humphrey took the domestic route to spring break activities. “I mostly went shopping and also went out to eat. Eating is important right now,” said Humphrey, who is expecting her second child. She is also a nursing student and went to Greenfield McClain High.

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