Thursday, March 26, 2015

Newspaper article highlights practical aspects of Southern Ohio Police Training Institute

The Chillicothe Gazette recently published an article about the hands-on training offered to cadets in OU-C’s Southern Ohio Police Training Institute (SOPTI) Peace Officer Basic Training Course:

The program’s commitment to offering a focused, quality educational experience is paying dividends. The last two classes of academy graduates attained a 100 percent pass rate on the test for certification as Ohio Peace Officers.

The academy program is open for two types of students: (1) those associated with or employed by a qualifying law enforcement agency and (2) open enrollment students, who are not currently associated with a law enforcement agency but seek careers as peace officers.

“We pride ourselves on being structured and disciplined,” Commander Christopher Jones said. “Beyond learning the basics, our cadets learn how to do their jobs with a high level of professionalism. Everything we do is relevant to what they will do on a daily basis once they are in the law enforcement profession, and we have designed the curriculum accordingly. For example, we have a court scenario that involves local judges and lawyers so that our candidates learn how to conduct themselves in an actual court case.”

SOPTI serves as an important community resource in ensuring that individuals who work for area agencies have the best training and, therefore, are qualified to provide the highest level of service to area communities.

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