Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Chillicothe Campus students muse about how they would rule campus if royalty for a day

Lauren Starkey
Hunter Wright
Brooke Happenet and Layne Beasley
Adam LeMaster
Thomas Lynch

We regularly talk with Chillicothe Campus students to gain their perspective on the campus experience. This week, we asked them what moves they would make or edicts they would issue if they were king or queen of campus for a day. Following are their royal responses.

“The first thing I would do is make for more parking, and that is pretty much it. Otherwise, things are great. The facilities, structure and instructors are good,” said Thomas Lynch, a pre-nursing student from Clarksburg.

“I would probably cancel class, and get somebody to pay for my gas,” said Hunter Wright, a sports management major from Vinton County High School.

“I would sleep in and maybe encourage more walking breaks to help the brain think,” said Adam LeMaster, a nursing student from Huntington High School.

“There is nothing that I really do not like,” said Lauren Starkey, a nursing student from Greenfield McClain High. “Maybe I would add more places to sit outside and also have more classes outside on nice days. That would be cool.”

Brooke Happenet who is from Huntington High and undeclared on her major, had a succinct answer: “More parking.” Her friend Layne Beasley, a fellow undeclared major from Huntington High, said, “I would have a bigger library and Learning Commons area. I went to the Athens campus, and the area there was huge.”

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