Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Ohio University alumni share career advice with OU-C students during recent event

Ohio University alumni Steve and Traci McBride Ellis of the Cincinnati area shared their insights with current OU-C students during the recent “Dining With 12 Strangers” event.  The occasion allowed for Chillicothe Campus students to receive practical career and life advice from former university students.

The event was a collaborative effort between OU-C Career Services and the Ohio University Alumni Association. A similar outing was held in February.

Steve Ellis, who graduated from Ohio University in 1982, is an organizational change management expert who is senior director of customer care at Luxottica. He is also involved in his community and alma mater. He is a volunteer for the American Cancer Society and the United Way and is also a member of the Ohio University Alumni Association Board of Directors, and serves as the co-chair of the university’s Regional Campaign Committee.

Traci McBride Ellis also graduated from Ohio University. She has been employed with American Electric Power, American Red Cross, as program director for Big Brothers/Big Sisters and with Sanders/Conkright law firm. She currently works part-time with Hallmark Corporation and has actively been involved with volunteer organizations.

“We have been blessed to be Bobcats, and our two daughters both are Ohio University alumni. We have been hearing about all of the great things happening on our regional campuses. This offered an opportunity to connect with students on the Chillicothe Campus, get to know them and see what are their concerns and challenges,” Steve Ellis said.

Traci McBride Ellis said, “I love talking with students and connecting with them. There is a special bond between Ohio University alumni and the university’s current students. We wanted to reach out to one of the regional campuses and get to know some of these students.” She took a summer class on the Zanesville campus while earning her Ohio University degree.

“We appreciate Traci and Steve Ellis taking an interest in the Chillicothe Campus community,” OU-C Coordinator of Student Support Martha Tanedo said. “It is good for our students to learn from the perspectives of individuals who have had so many interesting experiences. It broadens the networking opportunities for our students.”

“The goal behind these events is to help current Chillicothe Campus students learn from the experiences of former Ohio University students who are in the workplace so that our students can expand their career networks while also learning some secrets to career development,” Tanedo explained. “This is part of our ongoing effort to provide our students with practical advice as part of the campus’ career-preparation endeavors. More than just earning a college degree, it is important that students know how to position themselves for success after college.

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