Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Panel discussion at OU-C to discuss ‘Sexuality in the Midwest’

A panel discussion on “Sexuality in the Midwest” will be held at 4 p.m. on April 16 in the Bennett Hall auditorium at Ohio University-Chillicothe. The discussion, which is sponsored by the OU-C cultural committee, is free and open to the public.

Panelists include Loran Marson, LGBTQ Studies, Ohio University; Lance Poston, Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies, Ohio University; Delfin Bautista, LGBT Center, Ohio University; and Logan Hutson, senior sociologist major from Ohio State University. OU-C nursing faculty member Ronald Vance, advisor of the campus’ Stray Cats club, will facilitate the discussion.

The event underscores the campus’ commitment to diversity and exploring various views of topical subjects.

“I am really looking forward to supporting this panel discussion on LGBT issues,” said Debra Nickles, OU-C faculty member and cultural committee chairperson. “From discussions in class and around campus, I know that these types of diversity and equity issues have a much larger impact on our students and the broader community than many may realize. For example, just talking with my colleague, Ronald Vance, I learned that even nursing students need to increase their awareness regarding best patient practices for people who identify as LGBT.”

“Lots of students are grappling with understanding how current state and federal legislation, along with social attitudes, affects their daily lives and they need more than Facebook memes to arrive at informed opinions. This panel is going to open up that discussion. Students, faculty, and community members will have an opportunity to come together and engage in an academic discussion that examines the personal and political. Sexualities in the Midwest should be pretty informative and provocative. Anyone interested in further understanding local LGBT issues, hearing from LGBT experts, and/or calling for social equality should attend.”

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