Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Three long-time faculty members retiring from full-time careers in classroom

Roger Smith, Veena Kasbekar and Richard Kowieski.

A reception was recently held on campus for three long-time faculty members who are retiring at the end of spring semester. Veena Kasbekar, Richard Kowieski and Roger Smith have combined for more than 100 years as educators at OU-C.

Kasbekar, professor of English, joined the Chillicothe Campus faculty in 1980. Her future plans include “world travel, books, visiting family in England, more time for gym and temple, keeping in touch with OU-C through part-time teaching and a jolly good life.” Her fondest memories of her OU-C experience are, “The absolute pleasure of discussing British and world literature, from ancient to modern times, with eager, intelligent, motivated students.”

Kowieski, assistant professor of Communication Studies, joined OU-C in 1977 and has blended a passion for communication with an appreciation for the outdoors. “I just love teaching, having taught a wide variety of communications classes.’ He enjoys “just living on the farm, gardening, bee-keeping, cleaning the woods of invasive species, a little fishing and hunting, and writing. What I remember most is how quickly 38 years have gone by. I have enjoyed it thoroughly.”

Smith, assistant professor in Chemistry, joined the Chillicothe Campus faculty in 1979. At the reception, he talked about the joy he receives from teaching students and sharing his insights with them, as well as the friendly atmosphere on campus. He plans to do some traveling in the future.

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