Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Chillicothe Campus students take advantage of summer terms to pursue their academic goals

Jim Brown is making a career change this summer.

Holly Tarbett is using the summer to lay the groundwork for a nursing degree.

Holly Neff brings a health-care background to her nursing degree pursuits.

We regularly speak with Chillicothe Campus students to gain their insights on the college experience. We recently talked with three nursing students who were studying in the Learning Commons to learn their motivation for attending summer term classes.
“I want to obtain my BSN in nursing, so I am taking three courses this summer to get closer to that goal,” said Holly Tarbett of Washington Court House, who graduated from Miami Trace. “So far, it is going pretty well. It seems that it is more laid-back and there is more time to spend with instructors since there are few students on campus.”

“I need to finish three classes and then take some more prerequisites in the fall before entering the nursing program,” said Haley Neff, a pre-nursing student. “Neff already has a background in health care, having worked as a phlebotomist for five years. She is enjoying the summer academic experience. “Things are quieter now and the classes seem smaller. Everyone is even more focused on their schoolwork.”

Jim Brown of Kingston is taking the first steps in a major change in his life. “I decided for a career change. I was a supervisor with an electric power company, and I decided to go into nursing. I was toying with the idea and, after my kids were grown, I decided this was the chance.” This is Brown’s first tem in his new academic/professional pursuit. “It is going well right now. The first two weeks were difficult, getting used to going to school again, but things are getting better.”

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