Wednesday, May 13, 2015

With diplomas in hand and goals in sight, recent graduates embark on professional pursuits

Paige Eddlemon is returning home as a classroom teacher.
Chelsey Evans is making her passion her profession.
Josh Hambrick's internship resulted in a full-time position.
Nathan Wilburn has found a career that aligns with his interests.

While the recent campus’ recent Recognition of Graduation event marked a break in the college careers for members of the class of 2015, it also begins the next chapter in their lives as they apply what they have gained during their days on the Chillicothe Campus. Here are the stories of four students, who like many of their classmates, are turning their Ohio University degrees into entry-level positions in their chosen professions.

Paige Eddlemon, a middle childhood education major, is returning home as a Miami Trace Middle School teacher when classes begin in the fall. A Miami Trace High School graduate, she has spent spring semester as a long-term substitute in her former school after doing her student-teaching at the school.

“I love it here. I know the people, and I have been able to work with some individuals who were actually my teachers when I was a student. It is neat to be able to collaborate with them now,” she said.

Eddlemon’s college experience prepared her well for her professional pursuits.

“With all of the tools and techniques I learned from classes, I felt very prepared when I had my own classroom. The OU-C education professors have been teachers themselves, and they were able to share from their experiences to prepare us students for situations we will face.”

“OU-C is a non-traditional campus, but so are its students. The faculty members realize we have lives beyond the classroom, and they know what we need to succeed in our professional fields.”

Chelsey Evans, who earned a bachelor’s degree in social work, has found her dream job as a counselor working with children and their parents at Health Recovery Services in Hocking County. “I am very excited about my new job. I am passionate about children, and I love being in a position to make a difference. One thing I love about social work is being able to help people get their lives turned around for the better,” said Evans, a Logan High School graduate.

OU-C’s small-campus setting contributed to her academic success and career preparation. Evans received both the classroom and practical learning she needs for success during her career on the Chillicothe Campus.

“With the smaller classes, we spent more time with our professors, who took time to explain things to us. Also, being with the same group of classmates for social work classes, we were able to build friendships. I am comfortable that I am prepared for my career and know I can apply what I learned in the classroom and from being in the field while I was a student,” she said.

Josh Hambrick, who received a bachelor’s degree in applied management, has secured a position with Kingston National Bank that will allow him to gain experience in various aspects of the banking profession. This situation resulted from an internship that Hambrick served with the bank while an OU-C student.

“I had a very applicable educational experience, and everything I learned in business and accounting classes applied directly to this job.”

Hambrick, who was home-schooled, enrolled at OU-C with a focus on career preparation but found the college experience even more valuable.

“I approached college largely as a means to an end, and that was to get a job, but I found it was much more,” he said. “I made good friends, and the people skills I gained, such as how to work with others and the ability to keep an open mind, have been very helpful.”

Hambrick added a minor in communication studies to his repertoire.

Nathan Wilburn, who earned an associate degree in environmental engineering technology, is beginning his career with Solenis, a chemical-provider for Glatfelter. “I found a career that fits with what I enjoy doing,” he said. “My academic program prepared me well for my profession. I was able to complete projects that were very relevant and received the hands-on experience I need.”

Wilburn has found a career that aligns with his interests. “I found a profession I really enjoy. I especially enjoy the environmental aspect, and I like the idea of working outside. I did not expect to have this good of a job right out of college.”

The Chillicothe Campus’ personal touch was a good fit for Wilburn, a Waverly High School graduate. “The professors are very knowledgeable and willing to assist you. Also, I like the small-campus environment and the smaller class sizes. The smaller classes are goo, especially I terms of faculty members helping students."

Wilburn plans to build on his associate degree and eventually pursue a bachelor’s degree.

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