Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Chillicothe Campus partners with area organizations for mid-summer Shakespeare events

Members of the Chillicothe Campus are teaming up with others in the community for a mid-summer’s Shakespearean experience.

At 7 p.m. on July 26, the comedic play As You Like It will be presented by the cast and crew of Tecumseh! at the Sugarloaf Mountain amphitheater.

As a prelude, OU-C English faculty member Tony Vinci led a recent discussion about Shakespeare, language and small-town life as depicted in Elizabethan literature in a “Sack it With Shakespeare” event at the Chillicothe Public Library North Branch location.

A crowd of approximately 65 individuals heard Vinci bring Shakespeare to life with an overview of how the famed author’s work still resonates 400 years after it was written. Vinci talked about the purpose of Shakespeare’s tragedies and comedies and he was interested in connecting with the audience through the performance of his works.

Vinci also discussed how Shakespeare’s work is still relevant and that the major themes, especially on social order, are relevant in current-day Chillicothe.

He earlier taught a class on the bard during the first academic term this summer.

Tecumseh! Actor Ben Stoll taught “Brush Up Your Shakespeare” during Kids in College on campus this summer.

These Shakespearean endeavors are the result of collaboration between OU-C, the Scioto Society and the Chillicothe Public Library.

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