Tuesday, September 29, 2015

‘Diversity Discussion’ session allows students to explore thought-provoking topics

Several campus and community members shared their insights during the recent “Diversity Discussions” event in the Stevenson Center Learning Center. The ongoing series allows for students and other campus members to participate in thought-provoking conversations about relevant issues.

These events also further foster the spirit of a learning community on campus that extends beyond the classrooms and labs.

“Students are encouraged to grab a free lunch and sit down for a few minutes at a themed table with an expert moderator and simply have a conversation that isn’t a part of typical day-to-day dialogue.  I hope this is enriching for students even if they can only participate for a few moments,” explained OU-C Coordinator of Student Activities Ashlee Digges.

“I love hosting Diversity Discussions because not only do students have an opportunity to engage with new people about a specific topic, but I love how the conversations morph over the course of the event,” Digges said.

“While the moderator might start with a few items to get the conversations going, as participants add their own thoughts and opinions, the conversation develops into something else.  It really gives students the ability to actively engage in an interesting conversation in an open and accepting situation as the conversations flow and move naturally with each participant’s input.”

The topics and moderators for the most recent “Diversity Discussions” event included:

•    Chillicothe mayoral candidates Nancy Ames and Luke Feeney shared their insights on running for the city’s highest office.
•    Jamie Harmount, Ed.D., early childhood education faculty member, discussed “Gender identification in Children.”
•    The Rev. Terry Williams of Orchard Hill United Church of Christ, “Same Sex Marriage and Religious Freedom.”

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