Tuesday, September 22, 2015

New students adjusting to college life and making the grade

We regularly speak with OU-C students to gain their insider’s perspective on college life. This week, we asked some freshman students how the reality of college is matching their expectations.

 “I have been busy with school work, but so far, it is all right,” said Jake Bowman, a Unioto High School graduate who is undecided on his academic major. “A math class is a little more than I expected, but, overall, I guess the college experience is meeting expectations.”

“It is really good. It has been a lot of work, but I am getting used to it,” said Grayson Pittock, a
Unioto High grad who plans to major in Geology. “Overall, it is just about what I expected. There is more responsibility, but I like it better than high school. The teachers seem to really care.”

 “It has been excellent. I love it here,” said Brandon Anderson, a Chillicothe High grad who is undecided on his academic major. “There is more freedom than in high school and I can do my own thing. I love the professors. All of them are really cool. Also, the tutoring is great. They are willing to help you any time you need it.”

“It has been pretty good. I expected it to be hard, but it is not as bad as I thought it would be,” said Alyx Chaffin, a nursing student from Zane Trace. “Time management can be difficult in balancing school
work with a job.”

“So far, so good,” said Kaitlyn Mitten, a nursing student from Adena High School. “It is nice in that college is different than high school. There is less class time but more time for work outside of class, and I liked that. It is, overall, less scary and stressful than I thought it would be.”

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