Tuesday, September 29, 2015

Program provides students with practical leadership skills to help them in their professional pursuit

By student public relations writer Madison Corbin

Each semester, students at Ohio University Chillicothe are provided the opportunity to complete a six-week certificate program called the 21st Century Leadership Series.  The course is focused on developing practical leadership skills that are tailored to each student’s personality and are applicable to the workplace and their career pursuits.

A participation-dependent environment encourages students to learn about their individual strengths and weaknesses, along with a wealth of practical workplace skills. 

The series consists of six primary topics: understanding team development, leadership branding, ethics and values, professionalism and networking, emotional intelligence, and embracing change and confusion. 

This range material, allows participants to come in close contact with workforce expectations as well as to feel better prepared for their future professional pursuits. “The course covers things that you would never think of in the job experience before you get a chance to get out there,” said student participant Antwaun McDaniel.  “The class itself, it all depends on interaction . . . I really like the environment.”

Student Services Coordinator Martha Tanedo and Assistant Professor of Applied Management Tanya Hire are the two instructors leading the course on the Chillicothe Campus.  They bring notable enthusiasm to the program’s execution, well aware of its positive impact upon a student’s job search success.

“It allows a student to think, ‘OK, I can be a leader now in my life as a student,’ and grow that into ‘how am I a leader in the workplace?’” explained Tanedo. 

Both instructors bring expertise in attaining post-graduate employment for graduates of OU-C, and wish to provide students with the most beneficially applicable information.

The 21st Century Leadership Series is incorporated into two classes at OU-C: UC 2900 Applied Career Development and SAM 4900 Special Topics.

If a student wishes to complete the certificate separate from the class options, he or she can contact Martha Tanedo at tanedo@ohio.edu or Tanya Hire at biblert@ohio.edu about the process of enrollment.

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Glenn Brennan said...

With the help of leadership skills and strategies students are able to develop their professional as well as personal skills. Most probably due to lack of leadership skills we are unable to develop our personality and therefore we get failure while making decisions. Therefore we need strong leadership skills and strategies to develop our personality and career goals.