Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Ross County Safety Council donation continues community partnership with Emergency Response Training Center

The Ross County Safety Council recently made a $1,000 donation to OU-C’s Emergency Response Training Center (ERTC) during the council’s “Safety Day” meeting at the facility.

“This donation is intended to further efforts at the ERTC for area businesses to use the facility for safety and industrial hygiene training,” said Briana Hood, Ross County Safety Council manager. “Businesses need for their personnel to undergo training exercises, and it is very helpful for them to have local options such as this facility. We are continually looking for ways to build a strong community.”

Organizations from Ross, Jackson and Pike counties are represented by the safety council.

OU-C Associate Dean Brenda Phillips, who has spearheaded efforts to revitalize the ERTC, said, “We want to leverage the facility’s assets to help as many people as possible and to design training  programs for the business sector, which is the focus of the safety council. Among possible initiatives this donation supports are efforts to reduce accidents, an emphasis on wellness (this year’s focus) and hazardous material response.”

“It is the overall goal of the facility to partner with the community and provide affordable safety training to community first responders. We want go get people home safely at night. Many of the area volunteer firefighting units do not have the necessary funds for training, and we hope to continue to partner with area agencies to provide affordable exercises.”

The 7-acre site is located on the Pohlman Road portion of the OU-C campus, next to the Technology and Business Development Center.

The ERTC serves as a valuable asset for the area and supports OU-C’s mission of serving its region by providing a training site and instructors for the training of area first responders, businesses and industries. Presently, the ERTC is able to offer rappelling and climbing, silo rescue, propane firefighting training, confined space entry and vehicle extrication work. Propane firefighting training will be available in 2016.

The ETRC represents a critical asset to regional business and industry by providing training for safety personnel, the broader workforce and the surrounding community.  Industrial sustainability relies on safety professionals for loss estimation and protection, emergency response, and business continuity.  Organizations, businesses and first responders interested in using the facility should contact OU-C at (740) 774-7207.

The safety day event included demonstrations by area agencies in areas such as vehicle extrication, confined space entry, rappelling, active shooter/self-protection, arson dogs, search/drug dogs and a Medflight helicopter.

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