Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Breast cancer awareness event helps nursing students gain practical insights

Students and faculty members in the campus’ bachelor’s degree nursing program recently hosted a breast cancer awareness event outside of the Stevenson Center. The endeavor included student poster presentations, games, food and prizes. Proceeds will benefit the Susan G. Komen 5K “Race for the Cure” in Athens on Oct. 25.

The event provided an enjoyable setting with serious purposes, especially in terms of preparing the students for their nursing careers.

“In the group project I was involved with, we studied the four types of treatments for breast cancer,” said Erin McDaniel, a graduate of East High School in Columbus. “From this experience, I learned that, most times with breast cancer, it requires a combination treatment over a period of time and that the follow-up is as aggressive as the actual treatment.”

“Also, I gained the knowledge about what people should do and where they should go for treatment upon being diagnosed,” McDaniel said. “When I am a nurse, this will help me to understand what patients go through and what they experience.”

“I am learning about awareness and helping to educate others,” said student Sara Mossbarger from Waverly. “I am gaining insights on aspects such as how to teach patients about self-testing, what to expect and what steps to then take. It helps me to become a well-rounded, educated person.”

Faculty member Kellie Adams said, “This event is meant to involve students in a community activity that promotes public awareness and to help get both students and faculty members involved in an active learning activity. This type of experience helps students develop the ‘soft’ skills they need in their profession, such as people skills and the communication skills that allow them to talk with patients and their family members in layman terms. It is an extension of the learning that goes on in the classroom.”

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