Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Ohio University-Chillicothe facilitates workshop for youth employment program

By student public relations writer Leah Sternberger

Ohio University-Chillicothe recently hosted a career skills workshop sponsored by Ross County Community Action’s Youth Employment Program.

Ross County Community Action works within the local community to reduce poverty and revitalize families and individuals who are income eligible. The organization’s 21-week Youth Employment Program focuses specifically on career development for young adults.

The workshop was facilitated by Coordinator of Student Support Martha Tanedo. Approximately 20 recent high school graduates in the Youth Employment Program attended.

The workshop helped participants develop a strategy for the next phase of their lives, especially in terms of pursuing a career. Tanedo covered critical career-building topics like professional image, job searching, networking, resume writing and interview etiquette.

The main objective of the session was to ease the transition between being a student and entering the workforce.

“I frequently talk with students about the process of being a student and launching into a job search after graduating from college,” Tanedo said. “Students need to consider the employers’ perspective and think about the things that go beyond a college degree and what they can do to stand out from the crowd. We talk about the experiences and skills to acquire that will provide an edge in the job market.”

The Youth Employment Program, which started in June, consisted of three phases all geared towards helping participants develop their skills as working professionals. The first phase was a week-long orientation program followed by an on-the-job work experience phase. During the work experience segment, participants worked 36 hours each week for a local employer and attended a four hour group session at Ross County Community Action for support.

Tanedo’s workshop was part of the final job placement assistance phase, which focuses on assisting participants in securing permanent employment at the end of the program.

The skills and practical advice discussed at Tanedo’s workshop align with OU-C’s mission to serve the community by preparing and empowering young adults to reach their career goals.

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