Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Updated OU-C Hilltopper mascot reflects campus’ past accomplishments, future pursuits

OU-C has updated its Hilltopper mascot with an image that captures the spirit of the campus. The updated logo is intended to reflect the Chillicothe Campus, especially the students who attend OU-C and those who represent the campus as student-athletes.

The revised Hilltopper is a pioneer who understands where he has been and where he is going. In this way, he represents the campus’ historic significance as the first regional campus in the state as well as the forward-thinking approach that defines the campus’ educational experience. The Hilltopper in the logo is also a trailblazer, and so are OU-C students who are seeking their own personal and professional pathways.

Further, the logo appropriately incorporates elements of the Great Seal of Ohio, which is based on landmarks in Chillicothe.

The logo will be used in connection with OU-C athletic teams as well as other purposes. It resembles the former Hilltopper mascot, which was an effective campus representation for many years, but gives it an updated look as the Chillicothe Campus continues to move forward, with an appreciation of its past and a vision of its future.

The redesign of the logo has been an ongoing process with input from coaches of OU-C’s men’s and women’s athletics teams. Autumn McCray, who previously worked for the Chillicothe Gazette, designed the new image.

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