Wednesday, November 4, 2015

College Readiness Forum begins dialogue to find practical strategies for student success

Rebecca Watts, Ph.D., of the Ohio Department of Higher Education delivered the keynote address.

The Chillicothe Campus recently hosted the College Readiness Forum: Focus on Critical Thinking. The event included educators and administrators from campus and Ohio University as well as other area college campuses, high schools and middle schools.

The event emphasized the value of a dialogue between individuals of diverse backgrounds with similar goals.

“I have always wanted to reach out to area teachers to see what is working in their classrooms,” event coordinator Deb Nickles said. “We are looking to build a community around language arts that would allow us to network and build meaningful relationships between local high schools and the university.”

The workshop pursued the very practical goal of preparing area students for success in college.

“We sought to find ways to continue improving college success and retention rates for OU-C students and those at other campuses. We wanted to listen to individuals at other schools to see what they are doing that works and then develop best-practices strategies to apply so that students can make the most of their college opportunities,” Nickles said.

“It provided an opportunity to look at the obstacles that students face throughout their educational careers as well as practical ways to help them succeed.”

Ohio University student videographer Madison Corbin produced a video of the workshop that best tells its story found here.

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