Wednesday, December 2, 2015

Workshop emphasizes best practices in online and blended educational approaches

Approximately 30 OU-C full-time and adjunct faculty members participated in a recent on-campus “Quality Matters” workshop. The event was coordinated by the curriculum committee’s “OU-C eCommunity,” a collaboration of faculty members who are engaged in utilizing technology in teaching and learning. Further similar sessions are planned to address best-practices models in online and blended delivery education approaches.

The Chillicothe Campus has been involved in online and blended models for a number of years. These types of learning environments are especially student-focused, particularly on the Chillicothe Campus, where travel to campus can be a challenge and many students are balancing academics with job and family responsibilities.

A focal point of campus initiatives in this area has been on upholding the quality of the offerings so that online students are having the same level of educational experience and outcomes as those in traditional classroom settings.

Marianne Cotugno, a faculty member at Miami (Ohio)-Middletown, moderated the recent workshop. She is expert in technology and pedagogy.

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