Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Chillicothe Campus students discuss their plans for 2016

Laura and Lauren Moats

Summer Gragg

Colin Echard

Holly Swepston

We regularly speak with OU-C students to gain their perspective on campus life. With 2016 still unfolding, we asked some students about their resolutions for the new year.

“I am going to take my photo in 10 different random places that I have not been before. I want to get out more, and this is part of that,” said Laura Moats of Chillicothe, a social work major. Her daughter, Lauren, a Southeastern High School student, has an upbeat resolution. “I want to be happy all of the time. I was pretty stressed in 2015, but being happy is working out pretty well so far.”

Colin Echard, who spends much time working at the campus wellness center, is spending more time in literary pursuits. “I want to read more. During the holiday break, I had too much free time and realized I need more hobbies,” said Echard, a human biology major from Zane Trace High School.

Summer Gragg has a healthy outlook for the year. “I am trying to not eat out as much. I tend to eat a lot at Wendy’s. Also, I want to exercise more and come out of my shell more,” said Gragg, a child development major from Paint Valley High.

Holly Swepston can stand the heat and is not getting out of the kitchen as she explores more culinary endeavors. “I want to cook more. My mom is a real good cook, and I want to learn from her. I have done some quick, dinner-type tings so far,’ said the human biology major from Zane Trace.

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