Wednesday, February 17, 2016

OU-C students offer insights on their ideal campus

We regularly talk with OU-C students to gain their perspective on the college experience. This week, we asked our students what features they would include if they were building their own campus. Not surprisingly, the answers were far more than just academic.

 “I would have a big parking lot and a nice common area with an adjacent library, similar to the
Learning Commons,” said Grayson Pittock, a geology major from Unioto High School. “I would also build on to the nature trails. They can be a good place to get away and blow off steam. Overall, I think this campus is pretty nice.”

 Pam Daniels, a nursing student from Piketon High School, is a content student campus-builder. “This campus is fine with me, and I would like to have a campus similar to it. It is small, friendly, not intimidating and has everything you need. Also, it is close to home and has low tuition, which are things I would include.”

 “I would include more premium parking,” said Dylan Wheaton, a psychology major from Greenfield McClain High. “I would not modernize the campus but have a library area with computers similar to the Learning Commons. I would include more private study rooms and keep the café separate from the study area. Having food that close is too tempting when you are trying to study.”

“It would be nice to have athletic fields so sports such as the baseball team can practice when the weather is nice,” said nursing student Shane Boyer of Zane Trace High. “I like having a café, but would have a bigger area and possibly include brand restaurants in an area such as a food court. I would also have another building so it is easier to schedule classes.”

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