Monday, March 21, 2016

OU-C faculty member Michael Lafreniere receives award from WebAssign for continuing research pursuits

OU-C faculty member Michael Lafreniere is the recent recipient of a $2,000 WebAssign Philanthropic Award. The award is recognition of Lafreniere’s research “surrounding new input devices… [and] the purchase of digital pen packages” according to WebAssign.  This award is part of Lafreniere’s continued research into the pedagogical needs of STEM students – specifically mathematics and environmental engineering technology.  Lafreniere previously received an Ohio University 1804 Award in 2011 (

The current research project attempts to determine how to make student thinking visible through a student’s use of digital ink.  With digital ink, the writings of a student can be analyzed and used to determine a student’s understanding.

Lafreniere is supported to present on this research at two conferences, the National Association for Developmental Education (NADE) Conference in March entitled “Developing Students’ Learning Skills by Integrating Effective Learning and Teaching Strategies” and the Association for the Advancement of Computing in Education’s EdMedia 2016 World Conference on Educational Media & Technology in June entitled “Best Practices of Digital Inking for Student Engagement.”

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