Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Event pays tribute to proud past and promising future

The legacy of Sarah Jane Woodson is continued in those connected to her.

A recent event on campus celebrated a distinguished past and a promising future. “Historical Women Who Brought Fame to Ross County” was the theme of the recent occasion, which was sponsored by the OU-C Giving Circle to support endowed scholarship funds for Chillicothe Campus students.

The dinner paid tribute to famous women from the Ross County region who have made their historical mark on the region and beyond.

Of special note was the attendance of several individuals who are related or connected to Sarah Jane Woodson Early. She was the daughter of Jermia and Thomas Woodson, the oldest son of Sally Hemmings and Thomas Jefferson. In 1856, Sarah graduated from Oberlin College, becoming one of the first black women to earn a college degree. She was later the first black female faculty member at Wilberforce University. She continued as an educator wile assisting in her husband’s ministry and chronicled her husband’s work in the book, The Life and Labors of Rev. J.W. Earl’s Preaching.

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